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Advanced Omaha

Some Further Omaha tips :-

1) Most newcomers to Omaha Hi-Lo will invariable start along the lines of playing A2xx type hands. Alot of players often stick to this almost relentlessly. The net result is that if a pot is going to be quartered then it is often more likely to favour the high hand.

2) Dont go crazy on the flop just because you have hit 2 pr or a set, getting out drawn in Omaha is so much more likely than Holdem, for very obvious reasons. If you are going to bet your set heavy, then make sure you do it on flops with the least possible potential draws.

3) If your going to move a large volume of cash in to a pot, then probably the best time is this :- There are 4 cards on the board, 2 of which are low. You are sat on the nut high, of a type which is statisically very unlikely to get outdrawn. Then move your chips in now. Often you will get calls from someone solely on a nut low draw, which obviously means you are a great chance of pulling the whole pot, not just half.

4) Remember the rake. If you are in a pot with one other and it is very likely (from the board and the betting) that you are going to split the pot (half to one player with high, half to one player with low), then remember your bets will simply increase the rake and you will be left with less than you started with.

5) Raising preflop is often frowned upon by average/intermediate players. That you should not raise preflop is nothing short of rubbish. This myth has probably come about as the result of many rookies in omaha often raising alot with a "holdem" type hands or mediocre hands in mediocre positions. This has resulted in many players having a "never raise pre-flop, omaha is all about post-flop nuts" attitude. If you are in late position and you have several limpers and you are looking at a good A2xx type hand (esp suited ace) then you should raise. If early position with only blinds in the pot then you shouldnt.