Playing Poker Live

How to play live poker. Some tips and advice

Dont string raise. If you want to bet or raise, think for a second then announce 'bet' or 'raise' and clearly how much. Do not annouce and then start to move chips.

Dont obscure your cards from the dealers view (eg behind your chips).

Dont lift your cards beyond the edge of the table.

Keep track of when you need to post blinds. No-one wants to remind you every other time.

Try to follow the betting and pot size closely. No-one (again) wants to have to tell you how much more it is to call etc.

Watch your chips. Make sure you dont get screwed on a count for various split pots. Dealers make mistakes, and in smaller live tourneys you won't even have a dealer to do it.

Act when it is your turn to act. Try to follow when the action is on you. If they are all staring at you, it is probably on you . Dont act too early, this will be frowned upon.

Remember your chips dont go into the pot until all action for that round of betting is complete. The bets first go over the line, and then into the center of the table once all action is complete.

Remember the burns. You dont see the burn cards online. Dont freak just because the turn isnt the next card from the deck. And if it is a smaller tourney then remember when dealing to do the burns yourself.

Try to remember exactly your cards. Do not relook at them (unless you are doing it to mislead).

If you are being moved to another table, dont put your chips in your pocket to move them, use a rack if one is available.

Be friendly, but remember dont give away too much info. If your opponent knows the buy-in means alot to you then you will become a target (they will know you are likely to have come with a "play tight" mentality).

Show class. This isnt a table of kids betting there mum's milk money. If you lose a large stack to a horrible beat shrug it off with a smile.