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How to play Razz


What is Razz? How do you play razz ?

Razz is a Poker game similar to 7 card Stud, but where you are trying to get the lowest possible hand. Each player first gets 2 down cards and 1 upcard. There is then a round of betting. Then a further 3 upcards are dealt (each followed by a round of betting), then a final downcard is dealt (followed by a final round of betting).

It is important to remember that flushes or straights do not count in Razz. eg A2345 is the lowest hand (ie the nuts), regardless of the fact it makes a straight. Similarly A4567 might all be in clubs, but nevertheless it would beat A4568 mixed suit, as flushes do not count.

Basic Example A :-

Hand 1 :- AKK256J (you hand is A256J)
Hand 2 :- A69T448 (your hand is A4689)

Hand No.2 is the best Razz hand and would win

Basic Example B :-

Hand 1 :- A27KQ36 (your hand is A2367)
Hand 2 :- A23498T (your hand is A2348 )

Hand No.1 is the best Razz hand and would win

For more in depth tips and rules see the Advanced Poker Tips section :- Advanced Razz

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