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Mansion Poker is an excellent poker site for guaranteed money tournaments. It is a favorite amongst regular tournament poker players. There is a Million Dollar Guaranteed tournament every month for example. They also have excellent 24/7 support, and lots of interesting features like Jackpot accumulators and Happy Hours.

Mansion Poker offers a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $500

Collect the Mansion Poker Bonus

Mansion has some very interesting features.

1) You can create you own private tables and poker tournaments. It is free to do and you can choose the game, limit, date, time, password, etc

2) You can classify a player into your own customized groups, and this information is then visible in both the lobby and table windows. You can opt between 6 different ranking icons to name and assign to opponents as you choose.

These can then be attached to each player along with a note if required so that you can easily see what type of player they are whether you know their screen name or not.

3) All-In Probabilities. You get instant information about your chances of winning a hand after going all-in in a Texas Hold'em tournament game. See the percentage change as the cards get dealt

4) Statistics and logging. You can log all hands, all chat and analyse your playing afterwards. A valuable tool for self-learning.

Mansion offer a 100% deposit bonus up to a massive $500.