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Poker Rakeback Deals

If you are already a member of a certain poker site you cannot get a rakeback deal. You must be a new member to one of the pokersites below

Deal 1 - Sun Poker - Do not accept players from the USA (but any other country is fine)

Deal 2 - Carbon Poker - accepts any player (including USA)

Deal 3 - Other Sites - rakeback deals for other poker sites (such as Full Tilt, and Cake Poker)

DEAL 1 :- Sun Poker Rakeback

30% rakeback deal. Whatever your rake contribution is, you will get 30% of all of it back. Sun Poker has the most advanced rakeback program on the internet. Fully Automated, without having to deal with a 3rd party.

You will get your own sign-in log-on to check your accumulated rakeback. All of you accumulated rakeback will be paid by the 10th of the following month.

If you sign-up to SunPoker as a normal customer you will receive no rakeback whatsoever. You must use this link to get it: Sun Poker 30% RakeBack Link
and then click the 'Download Now' button in the center of the screen

On top of the rakeback you will also get a $500 bonus released as you gradually accumulate player points, plus another $200 a month bonus released as you accumulate player points.

Basically the package is the premier package for cash poker players anywhere on the net. To repeat, with the Rakeback link above you will get:

1. $500 released as you accumulate player points (regardless of the size of your first deposit)
2. $200 released EVERY MONTH as the accumulate player points (no further deposit required whatsoever)
3. 30% of all your rake back. Paid to you monthly

This is how the first $500 will be released:

160 MPPs - $20 First Bonus Payment
400 MPPs - $30 more
800 MPPs - $50 more
1200 MPPs - $50 more
1600 MPPs - $50 more
5000 MPPs - $300 Final initial payment to you

Sun Poker

DEAL 2 :- Carbon Poker Rakeback

35% Rakeback Deal - Fully Automated, without having to deal with a 3rd party.


1. 35% Rakeback
2. Automated Rakeback system where you can log-in and check your progress
3. Rake paid daily

This deal is only available via this link :- Collect Carbon Poker 35% rakeback
(Then click the download button on the right of the page)

Carbon Poker is an excellent site, with loads of great features. They accept players from the USA

These are Carbon Poker's key Terms and Conditions:

Any player found to be discussing rakeback via forums and/or table chat will be suspended from the rakeback program for a minimum of 1 month or permanently.

Rakeback players are also eligible for a deposit bonus up to $600. This will be redeemable 35% slower than a normal non-rakeback account.

The program is private and by invitation only. Players are not permitted to link to, discuss or communicate any detail about the Program in any way, without express written permission. This includes, but is not limited to, posting on forums, chat boards, internet relay chat, table chat or any other chat or messaging service.

Rake will be paid daily. All payments are made to Player Accounts only.

Rakeback payments will be placed directly into your player wallet at midnight (server time) every day. Your daily payment will be 35% of the total rake for that day.

If you wish to enter a bonus code also then use BHP100PC, but it doesnt matter as the link above is the thing which will open up your account to the rakeback with the deposit bonus coming along as a formality

Online Poker Room and Poker Tournaments - Carbon Poker
Note: Increased to 35% Rakeback

DEAL 3 :- Rakeback for Other Sites

If you are looking for a rakeback deal for any other poker site (eg Full Tilt, Ultimate Poker, Cake Poker, etc) then please see our affiliated site Rakeslice

If prompted for a referal code enter 'Surfers'