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tomano 12-18-2016 03:44 PM

Strange as it may be, I actually played a little poker this week. A site that I used to play on every once in a while as a bit of goofing around, quarter poker, has started it's own deal, global poker. They must be trying to grow as there are quite a few free rolls happening. This weekend, there is $5000 one each night where the winner gets over 1k. I missed it last night by a couple minutes as there is not late entry. Why am I writing this? I have to go to a Christmas party, but it has potential for my Surfer friends in the U.S. if they read this. Only like 350 runners last night, and the play and structure are pretty bad, like any free roll, I imagine. Ok, enough plugging this crappy site.

What have I been up to? Married life with kids and a successful coffee roasting business has meant very little surfing and poker. My oldest step son has really taken to surfing and we do get in the water from time to time. Winter is the slow time for the biz, so hopefully, surfing can happen a little more frequently.
I want to say, "Why didn't I listen to Willtakem and avoid this trap?" I did have the ideal life of surfing, playing poker and being single. But I am content. I am happy. Married life has been a whirlwind and it is not often I get to come up for a breath of fresh air and consider all that has transpired. It has been an incredible journey and I look forward to it continuing. That said, I haven't given up the dream of surfing and playing poker.:D
As far as poker is concerned, I have decided to wait for the legalization process in California. It seemed like it was certainly going to happen last year. Now with Trump taking controls, we will have to see, but I don't have high hopes. I think I read somewhere that by 2020, maybe we will have legalized online poker. At least we have legalized marijuana now, now that it ever seemed illegal in my neck of the woods.
Okay, enough ranting. I have to go finish work for the year so I can go on a Caribbean cruise with my family. Life is tough!:beerchug:

tomano 01-02-2017 12:24 AM

I don't know why I started another blog. I guess I miss talking about poker, and though I suck at the pokers, sitting around a table with a bunch of dudes playing 1/2 on the cruise ship sure put a smile on my face. Only got to play a couple of times and ended up $100 down. biggest hand was shoved AJo off over a min-raise and two callers with about $46 (mistake was waiting for one more playable hand before heading to bed), original raiser called me with KQo. A-10-x flop, J turn, x- river. Stayed awake for a couple hours in bed thinking about that one, but still, it was only $46. Not much to fret over.
ITM in a freeroll on global. $9.1 so far, but sitting 22/27 after a bad play with AJ. Maybe I should avoid that hand. Oh well, I have to go see family, so gg me. :beerchug:

tomano 01-25-2017 06:16 PM

Been playing some poker lately and having a little bit of success. Just took 2nd in a $100 free roll for $17 and 7th in a $500 free roll for $17. The free rolls are good because they force me to play. They are rewards for seeing a certain amount of flops in the cash games.
Over the weekend, I finished 3rd in a $1 rebuy for roughly $50. They all have less than 100 runners, but feel good about it none the less. I feel like I'm playing decently, and I'm getting real lucky. My br is up to $200 on that site, but I am still a nit and playing .02/.04. I started with $10. I may try to cash out $100 and go from there, maybe work on moving up in stakes. I can only play for a few minutes here and there, and sometimes for an hour or so. Those tournaments take up too much time, so I may not play them for a bit.
If anyone ever plays on global poker, my name is tsurfdog. You might see me sit down for an orbit or two every now and then.
Thanks for reading my brag post. Hope you are doing well!

tomano 02-05-2017 12:04 AM

Massive free roll on global tonight. $2.5k to the winner. You have to see 300 flops in .05/.10 to qualify, and that made me step up from the .02/.04 tables. Was a little down for the week (calling big bets on the river), but cashed last night in a free roll for $8, which was about what I lost.
Unfortunately, I won't be playing tonight. Date night. I signed up, so might get a moment to log on for a few. Just wanted to use that 300 flops as a goal for the week.
Was realizing that I started this blog by saying I was going to wait for California to get it's act together so I could play on a regulated site, but then, here I am playing on global. It's a goofy site and doesn't seem like it will be around long. Fun for now though.

tomano 02-13-2017 12:27 AM

Cashed out $100 (95ish after fees). Not bad for a $10 deposit.
br is now $135. Been playing a little bit, but nothing significant.

tomano 04-23-2017 06:34 AM

My wife and kids have been gone for a few days, in Las Vegas actually. My oldest step son had a triathlon at Lake Mead this morning. I stayed home to take care of the dogs and get a few days of work in, which meant a couple surf sessions and a little bit of poker. I've been running deep in a few tournaments on global.
Last night, I ft'd the $1 rebuy, but finished 9th for like $10. But while I was playing, I played a few sng's and won a bit of money.
Today, I was deep into the $2 but went out 24th with 18 paid (AA<JJ for a top 5 stack), but bounced back to win the $1 rebuy for $100. BR is now up over $380.
And the waves were good today too! I did get some work in, making some coffee.

tomano 12-31-2018 01:48 PM

Been playing on Global. It has turned into a fun site. I havenít had time for many mttís, but mostly playing micro sngís. I keep wanting to move up in stakes, but the micros just fill so fast, and they seem to satisfy my poker itch. I just donít see my bankroll grow very fast. It is a slow climb though.
I have been watching a lot of Twitch streamers, mostly The Golden Blazer and Tizull. There is a crew of Global Poker streamers and a fun crew of followers. It reminds me a bit of Surfer Poker glory days. We used to have fun! I do hope the forum revives, as I have enjoyed getting to know so many people here. And I genuinely care about a lot of you. I hope the New Year brings you success in the pokers and happiness in life. :beerchug:

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