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TomPerez 10-17-2007 03:46 PM

The Quest for Pro-ness
Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 692282

Hey everyone,

Reading certain texts and books about limit cashgames has inspired me to try it myself. I want to see if I can raise my bankroll pretty regularly by playing limit cashgames. The main purpose though, is to find out if I can make a good hourly rate, and a good BB/100 hands. I will start off with one month of multi-tabling $0.10/$0.20 with 2-4 tables at once. This month will be November. After each session I will state how many hands I have played on each table, for how long I have been playing and my profit per table. I will also keep a total profit, a total amount of hands I have played, the time I have played, an hourly rate and an amount of BB's/100 hands. It will look something like this:

Session X:

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Session Overview:

Time played:
Total profit/loss this session:
Total amount of hands this session:

Total Overview:

Total sessions:
Total hands played:
Total time played:
Total profit/loss:
Hourly Rate:

I will really start with this when I come back from Berlin on October 29, but maybe do a few opening sessions before I leave monday.

PS: I am still looking for a better name, so if you know one, please PM it to me.

TomPerez 10-17-2007 07:52 PM

I just finished my first session, which was a big success! I made over $8 in 2 hours, and at one point I even had an $11 profit. I'm really happy with the result and hope to get more results like this.

Session 1:

Table 1
Profit/loss: $6.96

Table 2
Profit/loss: $2.58

Table 3
Profit/loss: -$1.14

Session Overview:

Time played: 2h 0m
Total profit/loss this session: $8.13
Total amount of hands this session: 634

Total Overview:

Total sessions: 1
Total hands played: 634
Total time played: 2h 0m
Total profit/loss: $8.13
Hourly Rate: $4.06
BB/100: 6.41/100

These digits are still rough, and look nothing like they will at the end (I hope they will look like this lol). After all I can say this was a great begin of what I am planning, and I think that I will be able to earn a lot of money doing this.

TomPerez 10-21-2007 07:06 PM

This second session was really weird. I started of with more than an $8 profit after 20 minutes. Then my good table emptied, so I left there with a profit of $6.60. Then I was down to 2 tables, with both about a $2 profit. Then everything went wrong. Got 2 outered on the river and that stuff. I still ended with a profit of $3.92 after 1 hour, which is certainly not bad, but it could've been way better.

Session 2:

Table 1
Profit/loss: -$3.14

Table 2
Profit/loss: $0.46

Table 3
Profit/loss: $6.60

Session Overview:

Time played: 1h 0m
Total profit/loss this session: $3.92
Total amount of hands this session: 240

Total Overview:

Total sessions: 2
Total hands played: 874
Total time played: 3h 0m
Total profit/loss: $12.05
Hourly Rate: $4.02
BB/100: 6.89/100

TomPerez 10-31-2007 04:05 PM

Session 3
3 words, an amazing session. Just look for yourself. I started of as a bullet train, flopping a few boats and trips. After half an hour I had $10 profit. Than one hour I didn't really make any profit at all. The last 15 minutes were unbelievable again, I was hitting my hands, and got paid about every time. I love these tables, they are so easy if you just hit something!

Session 3:

Table 1
Profit/loss: $2.38

Table 2
Profit/loss: $9,20

Table 3
Profit/loss: $6.83

Session Overview:

Time played: 2h 0m
Total profit/loss this session: $18.41
Total amount of hands this session: 626

Total Overview:

Total sessions: 3
Total hands played: 1500
Total time played: 5h 0m
Total profit/loss: $30.46
Hourly Rate: $6.09
BB/100: 10.15/100

TomPerez 11-05-2007 03:06 PM

Session 4
It was a hard session. After a worthless start (I was down about $8 after 15 mins) I kept struggling to get some money back. After some 25 minutes, I lost all money (apart from 3 cents) on table 2, so I left. The money was coming back a bit now, but after several bad beats I was $8 down again. After 1 hour things started to get a little better, and I managed to just make a loss of $2.43 after 2 hours. It's my first session with loss, though I'm not disappointed with myself, as the bad beats were just coming and coming, so the losses could have been a lot worse.

Session 3:

Table 1
Profit/loss: $1.16

Table 2
Profit/loss: -$3.97

Table 3

Profit/loss: $0.38

Session Overview:

Time played: 2h
Total profit/loss this session: -$2.43
Total amount of hands this session: 424

Total Overview:

Total sessions: 4
Total hands played: 1924
Total time played: 7h
Total profit/loss: $28.03
Hourly Rate: $4.00
BB/100: 7.28/100

TomPerez 11-11-2007 04:22 PM

Session 5
Testweek's over, so hey, let's do another session! It was a pretty damn good session actually, went to a $14 profit pretty regularly the first 1.5 hours, and after that I lost a bit and eventually ended up with a nice profit of $12.54. My total profit went over the $40 now, with only 9 hours played!

Session 5:

Table 1
Profit/loss: $4.17

Table 2
Profit/loss: $5.72

Table 3
Profit/loss: $2.65

Session Overview:

Time played: 2h
Total profit/loss this session: $12.54
Total amount of hands this session: 580

Total Overview:

Total sessions: 5
Total hands played: 2504
Total time played: 9h
Total profit/loss: $40.57
Hourly Rate: $4.51
BB/100: 8.10/100

TomPerez 11-19-2007 05:24 PM

Good day everyone,

I will be changing my blog around a bit. It will now be "The Silverstar Challenge" (If you could please change the name Venice?) and it will feature me trying to become Silverstar in April. I won't be posting induvidual sessions anymore, but I will write a type of column once a week. On Saturday I will give feedback to my week, poker and non-poker. I will also post my bankroll then and my expected bankroll at April 1.

My challenge is to become a Silverstar VIP on Pokerstars in April. I will do this by setting the following deadlines:
  • I start with $300 on November 21, I will be multitabling $0.25/$0.50 now with 3-4 tables at a time.
  • My bankroll has to be $400 before December 21, I will now be multitabling $0.50/$1 with 3-4 tables at a time. If my bankroll drops under $350 at any time, I will move back to $0.25/$0.50 until my bankroll is $450.
  • My bankroll has to be $600 before February 15. If I don't make this, I will be multitabling $0.50/$1 with 5-6 tables at a time from then on.
  • My bankroll has to be $800 before April 1. I now will be playing $1/$2 to accumulate enough FPP's to become Silverstar.
  • I obviously also will be playing MTT's, so if I make a good result there I won't really need to be playing a lot of cashgames, but having more than $800 on April 1 won't hurt lol.

This is a pretty tough challenge, and the chances are there that I won't make it. In this case, I will move it to June, because my graduation exams are due May 16-May 28 or something. I will be free all June, except for work and vacation in the first few days.

My first blog update will be Saturday.

EDIT: All cashgames will be fixed limit hold'em.

TomPerez 11-24-2007 01:33 PM

The Beginning
The Beginning
(I don’t have much time, so I won’t make it very long)

The Beginning. Sounds good. It’s the beginning of a long journey, my journey to become Silverstar. I will have to go through the worst weathers, over the highest mountains, through the deepest oceans to get to my goal. Figuratively speaking that is…

Well, I couldn’t have asked for a better start. No wait… The word’s worse. I couldn’t have asked for a worse start. On Wednesday I started my challenge with my very first $0.25/$0.50 session. This session was mainly to taste the level at the tables. I had been looking forward to this, as I wasn’t able to start earlier due to an English presentation (which we pwnd btw). And then it was finally Wednesday evening.

I went to two $0.25/$0.50 FLHE tables, with $10 on both ones. Not long after I sat down, I was down about $2 on both tables. And then the bad beats started to fly around. On one table I could work around it, and make a little profit, but at the other it was so bad it didn’t take long for me to lose everything (The hand that did it was me having J6, flopping 966, with a 9 on the turn). The other table was going pretty well actually, where at one point I had $20. I should’ve just left at that moment, but no, I kept sitting down, to lose another $5, making that my total loss of the session.

I was still pretty satisfied at the end though. The many bad beats seemed to cheer me up, as I now knew that the level of play was very bad, and that it would be pretty easy for me to make big profits. That’s why I decided to do another session on Thursday. Again, I was sitting at 2 tables $0.25/$0.50 FLHE. The hands weren’t so bad, but there was a little problem…
Nothing seemed to work with me on both tables. I kept getting hands like AK-A9, TT-66, but no real monsters. The hands I did get though, almost never matched the flops. I was missing everything, and I would like to discuss 3 hands, to show what was happening to me.

So, I was missing every flop, and that was exactly what I thought would happen when I limped in with KQo from the CO. The flop came JT9 though, giving me the nutstraight! I was betting my ass off though, because there were 2 spades on the flop. The third one came on the river though, and yes, I was shown As7s for the rivered flush…

Then, on the other table, I only had about $5 left, when I limped in with 77 (note that raising at these tables almost never works, it only increases your losses). The flop came J86, which meant I totally missed it once again. I did get to see the turn though, and finally, finally, I hit my set. There were pretty many draws though, but I knew I had the best hand now. My bet was called by 2 people though, and the river, yes, a 9, making the board J8679. Now, there was a bet from one of my callers, forcing me to lay down my hand. The other guy did call though, and the better turned over A5 for the low straight…

The other table again, I limped in with KQo again. The flop QJT gave me a very big hand. We were with 4 people in the pot, and there were some bets and calls. The turn came a 9, giving me a high straight, I wasn’t the only one probably, but still it was great to see I had hit a draw. We went to the river with 3 people, and I suspected one of them to have the K, and the other to have something like 2 pair, or top pair. The damned river was a K, so there was a straight on the board. I checked, K-guy checked too, and the other bet now. I just couldn’t put him on an ace, and called, as did the other guy. Ah well, the better turned over A5, making sure I lost even more.

Fortunately, AA covered some of my losses later, getting me back to about $11 on one table, while I lost everything on the other table. I eventually left the other with about $10, giving me a $10 loss overall. Well, now Jhomas came and asked me to go to a $0.02/$0.05 NLHE table. I was quite in the mood to go, to just noob my money away. That’s exactly what happened, though I did have fun doing it, and that’s what counts right?

Anyways, I ended the week with a bankroll under $300. It’s $299.84 to be precise. I also have W$22, but I don’t count them with my bankroll. I won them through one of the EPT Prague $0.50R to the $22R, using only 8 rebuys and one add on, making my total expenses $5. For next week I think I’ll be moving back to $0.10/$0.20, as I made such big profits there, and I will be playing 4-5 tables at a time I think. Well, that was it for this week, check in again next week!

TomPerez 12-09-2007 04:57 PM

Ok, I totally overestimated the amount of time I would have to play poker. In the past 2 weeks, I haven´t really been playing much, and the things I did play often ended up in losses. My bankroll is now $267, and unless I win one of the many tourneys I'm going to play tomorrow and Wednesday, there will be no way I'm going to make my first goal. Anyways, quick update, haven't been playing much so I don't have much to talk about really..

TomPerez 01-06-2008 02:03 PM

Well, I'm back from my 2 week vacation in Canada. I didn't make my first goal, mostly due to a bad month and a lack of time to play. This lack of time will continue, but after seeing the results in my $1.20 45 man SNG's for the surfers league, I think I will mostly be playing $5.50 45 man SNG's now, also for the SNG Competition. I will also try to pop a few limit cash game session in, probably $0.10/$0.20 stakes. I will try to give weekly updates, but I can't be sure on that. My bankroll now is $237.64 + W$22 + T$16.50. I'm looking to sell those W$22 though, if anyone wants to buy them for a reasonable prize, please pm me. That's it for now, good luck everyone in the freeroll tonight, which will be covered by me and Dr.J here. Be sure to listen tonight, you might be at our featured table!

TomPerez 01-21-2008 01:18 PM

Well, it hasn't been going good lately, but not too bad either. Right now I'm looking at a week with hardly any poker, it's a testweek so I have to do a lot of studying :( At the moment my bankroll is $238.48 with W$22, but I still have a lot in the SHG Stake and Stock thing, and a lot of buy-a-share money invested, so I'm guessing it's coming close to the $270. I totally abandoned my Challenge now, and in the next weeks I'll be making a new plan (and really try to stick to it this time) to have at least $1000 at the end of August. It will probably consist of a lot of cashgaming again, and short SNG's, probably STT's.

TomPerez 02-15-2008 03:48 PM

Due to a bad run for the past weeks, I've decided to change things a little bit and get a lot more discipline. I have decided on the following things:
  • I will play NOTHING with a higher buy in than $2,20, also not with SnG's, only in Surfers Events.
  • I will not play ANY NL cashgames, not even for fun with friends, only FL with a max stake of $0.10/$0.20, doesn't matter on the game.
  • I will never play more than 3 tables at a time.
  • I will try to get a little more sleep.
  • I will be focussing mainly on $1.10 MTT's, to win one within the next month.

I hope this will help me to get some money back that I lost over the past weeks...

TomPerez 03-26-2008 03:45 PM

It's been a loooong time ago that I have updated this, so I would like to tell you guys about my new "plan". Well, it's not really a plan, just what I'm going to focus on mostly coming weeks. It's going to be $5.25 NLHE HU SnG's and the $2.20 128-max HU MTT's. This is how it all started:

Next week I have a testweek, in which I have a test for Dutch class about 5 books I "have read" this year. Well, I haven't read the 5 yet, actually, was on the half of my first book this weekend... But only reading for days is just not fit for me, as I mostly fall asleep after 1-2 hours of nonstop reading, no matter what time it is on the day.

That's when I thought, I need a poker tournament with huge breaks in which I can read. The answer was simple, $2.20 128-max HU! Or even $5.25 32-max HU SnG's. So I started playing these on Monday, and in the $2.20 128-max I made it to the 5th round, having won 4 consecutive matches. In the $5.25 32-max I went out in the first round, which was horrible. I also playing a few $5.25 2 player HU SnG's, and won every single one of them.

So I thought, if I can just win 7 in a row once in the $2.20 128-max, that's already worth $256. So I began to dream about winning this tourney, and now my mind is set on it, and it's my goal now. My goal is to win a 128-max winner takes all before the 1st of July. During this time, I'll try to update this blog every week, stating the following:

Weekly Stats

$2.20 128-max winner takes all
Matches won: won/total
Best position:

$5.25 HU SnG

$5.25 4-max SnG

Other SnG's
Explanation of the rest.

That will be how I track them, with also a total version of this thing under that, and with a little recap of the week above. I'll stick to the $5.25 level and lower until my bankroll is at least $525. Then I'll move on to $10.50 until my bankroll drops under $450 or goes over $800. I'll go back to the Silverstar Plans if I cross the $800, playing $1-$2 FLHE cashgames. That's it for now, I won't have that much time to play this week, but a few HU's per day should be possible. First update will probably be on Monday. See ya then.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot a bankroll update. It's $344.40 with W$22, but still have some money in BAS's and stuff.

TomPerez 03-31-2008 08:56 PM

Well, as I stated in the post above, I didn't have a lot of time to play this week, and won't have until Friday afternoon. Actually, I didn't play any HU SnG's at all. I only played 2x $2.20 128-max MTT's, both today. I made the second round in both of them, and the third round in one of them. In one I had Qd6d on a board of Ad9x9dxd and got it all in on the turn, only to run into Kd5d.

In the other I had A7, been playing rather aggressive. So he limps in from the button, I raise to 90 (blinds 15-30), he insta-minraises and I'm like.. wtf? You tired of me raising so often? Well, I went for that and raised him again, to 330, and he called. Flop came Tc3x2x, and I bet half the pot, and he called. Turn came a 7 of clubs so I hit second pair and didn't put him on much still, so I decided to just push all in. He instacalled and I'm like, ok, too bad. However, he turned Jc9c open so I was ahead, though he had a lot and a lot of outs. He played it really ugly though, calling preflop with crap, calling the flop with no pair no draw, and I just had him read correctly. The river came the 9 of diamonds though, hitting his pair to leave me with 260 or so. I went all in with every queen or higher, and he called me with K5 while I had Q6, and course I couldn't hit lol.. so that kinda sucked.

I'll be playing a LOT this weekend though, no parents for the whole weekend, no work as the testweek is behind me then, so all the time to focus ooooon.. POKER! :D I'll update Monday morning on how I did over the weekend.

PS: The launch of Poker After Dark III is this weekend! Be sure not to miss it at Full Tilt at 19:00 on Saturday!

PS2: Just for the record:

Weekly Stats

$2.20 128-max winner takes all
Played: 2
Matches won: 3/5
Best position: 21

That's it for now, see you on Monday again!

TomPerez 04-08-2008 08:34 AM

Well, I haven't been able to play a lot during the week, but I did play pretty many games over the weekend, though not HU.. Only played the tourney twice, came 11th on Saturday (4th round) and out in first round (only the 4th or 5th time that's happened to me) on Sunday. Wanted to play on Friday as well but I was in the middle of a FLHE session and totally forgot it.. Had the same thing on Sunday but I could squeeze in by registering when someone unregistered.

Haven't played any HU's other than those, mainly due to the SnG leaderboard, for which I want to score a Mercury high orbit score this week, playing batches of 6 or 8 $1.20 STT's. Not really going good now, had a sick night yesterday. Started off pretty good in a batch of 8 of 'm, after 20 minutes I was not only still in all of them, but the lowest stack I had was 1500. Then came the sickness...

First I walked into a limped KK with TT to knock me out in 5th place in one, then I ran into AK twice with AQ, both to knock me out of tourneys. Then I also lost KK to A6 and AK to JJ. By this time I was HU in one and lost A4 to K2 while we were about even stacked, though I had him covered by a bit. Then I finally made a suckout myself, winning KT to A9, and my AA held up against QQ. Then I lost 89s preflop all in vs. 85o, board 975x5.

Then I was HU with Craxer in one (he joined me in 4), and he outplayed me lol. I raised with AJ, he called. Flop came 258, he checked, I bet, he raised all in. I was on the edge of calling because I know he knows I can bet here with any two, but after all I folded, don't know why. He showed 34 for the open ender.. Would have been a coinflip though so not really a bad fold.

Then in another we were 3 handed, I had K7 and went all in on the turn of K863, got called by 98 and guess what? A 9 on the river.. This left me with just over 200 there, though I managed to make a comeback to 4000, but it was all for nothing as I still came 3rd there, don't remember how I busted really. Oh and then I lost another coinflip somewhere to bubble me.. So generally I lost everything there was to lose, still came 2nd in 2 of them though and 3rd in one, but that's only good for 72 points, which is an average of 9 and I need to be at an average of at least 14... Hoping to have some better luck later on...

Well that's it for now, just for the record again:

Weekly Stats

$2.20 128-max winner-takes-all
Played: 2
Matches won: 4/6
Best position: 11

Overall Stats

$2.20 128-max winner-takes-all
Played: 4
Matches won: 7/11
Best position: 11 (4th round)

TomPerez 04-15-2008 12:39 PM

5th round..
Last week I was mostly playing $1.20 STT's for the SnG Leaderboard. I managed to play 100 in the week, but it didn't go that good expect for a few good batches of 9 SnG's. Ended up being 93rd place in the high orbit leaderboard, while my aim was top 10 lol.. Anyways, did 2 good session, both 9 tourneys, in the 1st I won 4 of them and came second in 1, in the other I won 3, came second once and came third once. Of course, being it $1.20 STT's, this doesn't mean a high profit, mainly due to the 20% rake, but I hope I can do it on $5.50's as well and I will certainly try when my bankroll is a bit higher.

Anyways, only played the HU twice, one however was a 5th round, my 3rd ever, and also my 3rd ever 6th place. I had him covered 14:1 at one point, but he made a miraculous comeback by winning 3 times while all three times, I was ahead. The thing continued after that, and I went out with a bad timed move, as usual. However, 5th round is good, and I'm getting closer and closer.

As I type this, I have just won the first round of another one, and I just won a $5.25 HU as well to cover my buy in for a $5.50 45-player SnG that I'll be playing in a minute. The other 128-max I played didn't go good, got lucked out of the first round by some donk who went all in with every hand and sucked me out with 70-30. This week I will not be playing that much, got resits on Friday and after that a home game (probably). Before Friday I have to study for the resits, and of course have to do the coverage of the EPT Monte Carlo, which I will be doing by watching EPT Live and then post any intresting things, like.

Oh, and then one last thing. I opened a Multi BAS. It's for 4x $22 MTT and 4x $33 MTT, all with small field and no gauranteed prizes. I'm starting to love small fields and small tourneys because their pay-out structure is so much better than in the big gauranteed tourneys. In there, all the money is in the top 3, and then you have to make the top 3 out of 1500-3000 people. It's just impossible, you need at least 50-100 tries to make that, even if you're a great player. I just don't have the amount of time or money to do that, and I find small tournies are way easier to beat. That's why I decided to make it for these tournies, and I hope you will all check it out and buy some shares, even if it's just 1! I'd appreciate it.

So I will be starting a $5.50 45-player SnG now, GL me, and see you next week :)

Weekly Stats

$2.20 128-max winner-takes-all
Played: 2
Matches won: 4/6
Best position: 6th (5th round)

$5.25 HU SnG
Played: 1
Won: 1/1
Profit: $4.75

Overall Stats

$2.20 128-max winner-takes-all
Played: 6
Matches won: 11/17
Best position: 6th (5th round)

$5.25 HU SnG
Played: 1
Won: 1/1
Profit: $4.75

TomPerez 05-03-2008 12:34 PM

Hey surfers..,

It's been a long while since I updated this, and since then a lot has happened.. Lets start with Thursday April 17..

It's a day off from school, and I'm going to give a report of the final table of the EPT Grand Finale in Monte Carlo. Therefore I'm not really looking to play anything big in the morning, entered a few freerolls and FPP tournaments, but some urge made me enter the 5:00 $2.20 tourney. I really wasn't serious about this and ready to donk my money away. The opportunity for that didn't wait long, it was the second hand when utg limped, utg + 2 also limps, and utg + 3 suddenly raised to 340 or so, the guy to his left coldcalled the huge raise. I looked at my cards and saw pocket jacks, should be a snapfold here this early, but I wasn't serious and just wanted to gamble, so I pushed all in. To my surprise and entertainment, the BB (I was the button btw) instacalled that all in, and everyone but the initial raiser folded and the caller of the raise folded. The raiser had KQo, the caller had AKs, and the BB had JTs. Almost like a miracle, my jacks hold and I quadruple up on the second hand.

I decided to take it slow then, just playing tight agressive. I won a few big pots and stayed above average a long time. After that it didn't go so well and I was under average for the first time when nearing the money, this because I lost a 70-30. I only had 9x the BB left, so I starting maniacing a lot, and soon I was on 15x again. I don't remember a lot from after that, only that I never really got a big stack until last 2 tables, but that one also became small again over time due to some bad luck, eg losing JJ vs. 22 on the final table bubble. I was shortstack all the way on the final table, but because I was playing pretty tight I could chip up a bit and more importantly, people were busting. At the last 4 I became more active, and soon my stack was the 2nd biggest at the table, but still less than half than the chipleader's stack. I busted the other 2 guys meaning that I came HU being covered 5:8. I tried to get the chiplead by playing aggressive, but I failed to get the most value out of my big hands, my mistakes, and he called me down once with bottom pair while I had top pair and he rivered two pair. I ended up coming 2nd, good for over $200, so a great result after not having cashed more than $100 in one tournament since August. Naturally, I screwed up the report of the Monte Carlo final table because I still had to study for my resits, but was too excited about the tournament lol..

We fastforward to April 20. By then I had moved $150 to Full Tilt to start playing there as well. On Sunday I entered the $5.50 at 9:00 on Stars and the $5.50 at 9:05 on Full Tilt. The difference in field size was amazing; the one on Full Tilt had 166 entrants, and the one on Stars had no less than 1572 entrants. My preference really showed here, and I busted before the first break in the one on Stars, and came 3rd in the one on Full Tilt for just over $100. I played a great tournament, just chipping up regularly, having a bit of luck at the monsterdraws, even had someone whine about me hitting a 12 outer, he told me he only made good decisions, and never a bad one, while he only played poker for about a week. He was a backgammon semi-pro and therefor believed his poker skills were awesome. I saw him make a LOT of mistakes though, which was quite funny. At the end of the final table I found a big downside of Full Tilt. They have a bet pot button, and it seems that people are addicted to it. At the final table, 6 handed, blinds were 400/800.. What do these guys do? Raise to 3700 preflop... I was totally carddead and couldn't do anything about it. If I called they would come betting out pot on the flop. I reraised them a few times, though probably not enough. I don't really remember how I went out, but you can check it in my Going Deep thread.

After these 2 cashes I haven't won a lot, mostly been losing. $5.50 SnG sessions haven't been going well, though I know I can win there. The most annoying thing now is my connection. In the $2.20 tournament I only lost my time bank because of disconnecting all the time. On Full Tilt it's even worse, as when I disconnect there, the whole client freezes which is just freaking annoying and makes it almost impossible to play. When I was 4 tabling some small SnG's there I even just stopped playing in the middle of a session, which is just throwing money away. I really hope my connection can become better soon, for the SnG championship and because last Tuesday I won a $75 token after winning a $26 token in a $8.70 18-player sng and using it in a $26 18-player SnG. I'm going to use the token on an 18-player SnG, where the top 5 wins T$216, which is just huge for me. I'm just waiting with it till my connection is a bit better, should be soon as I'm going to having a cable from my pc to the modem, instead of wireless.

Well that was about it I guess, graduation exams are in 2 weeks, so hardly playing poker anymore, except for my BAS, which didn't start well btw. 2 carddead tourneys made sure I was out of both after about 50 minutes. Didn't get the chance to get a nice stack in both tourneys, if I just can get a stack I know I can carry it to the final table of such a small field tourney easily.

Here are my bankrolls atm:

Pokerstars: $431.17 + W$22
Full Tilt: $210.88 + $75 token
Combined thats: $642.05 + W$22 + $75 token
However, with my BAS money taken off it, it's down to $477.05, though I know I'm going to cash a lot in my BAS, still 6 tourneys left.

Haven't been playing HU at all lately, I have a habit of making plans and then stop following them after a few weeks.. Need a solid plan to become Silverstar this summer though, and the first step is cashing $500+ in my BAS lol.. Just one final table can do the job!

TomPerez 05-06-2008 12:01 PM

Hey guys, quick update. Just did a 1h 40m during 9 table FL session, with 4 50FL and 5 20FL tables. It started out badly, hovering at $3 down for a long time. Then I took a look at my stats, and was shocked by the small amount of pots I had won. I saw about 90 flops out of 400 hands, and had only won 24 pots, half of which at showdown. This was after about 50 minutes I think, so I told myself I should be more aggressive postflop, and it immediately worked. Won some big pots, but most were small, I eventually ended up with $10 profit which is nice if you start with $60 at the tables. I also made 11 FPP's at just 4 50FL tables. If I do nine that should mean I get about 25 FPP's per 100 minutes. That means that to get to Silverstar I only have to play about 6000 minutes, that's just 100 hours in a month. That's at 50FL, but what if I do 100FL, which is still easily good for my bankroll? It should go so much faster, and I expect to be there within 50 hours. This is even without playing MTT's and SnG's. I think this is what I will be doing in June or July, but first need to do some testing at the 100FL level. That will probably be either today or later this week. Oh and I'm still disconnecting a lot, going to lay a cable tonight, hoping that it will be better... If so I will be able to play the SnG Championship :) Going outside now to study for the exams, cyall :)

TomPerez 05-07-2008 11:15 AM

Just did a nice 9-table 50FL session. Overall I played for about an hour, can't get the stats anymore because something went wrong with the Pokerstars server reset, everyone got thrown off the tables I think and I can't connect to Pokerstars now. Anyway, in the hour I played about 450 hands (really small amount for 9 tables, but they were very slow) and made about $15 profit. I also earned about 20 FPP's, which is a good rate for only an hour, should be about the double of that on the 100FL tables. I'm going to try another session today, probably with 5 50FL tables and 4 100FL tables, just to taste the level there, and to slowly build up instead of just jumping right in. I hope I can make a good profit there, would be great to become Silverstar AND win a lot of money lol. I'm certainly going to do this more often by the way, it's just such an easy way of making money, I even lost a few huge pots today (one I got runner-runnered in a $20 pot) but I still made a very nice profit. $15 in 450 hands means that's over 7 BB/100 :eek: That's just sick high, but I think it's easily sustainable.

TomPerez 05-08-2008 03:53 PM

Hey guys. My adventure at the 100FL tables started yesterday. I did a short session of 5 50FL and 4 100FL tables, making a nice $15 profit after about 250 hands. And more importantly, I made 25 FPP's in just 40 minutes.

I wanted to do a bigger session today, but I first had to play a $33 for my BAS. It started off badly, but after a few double ups and big pots I became one of the chipleaders. After that I lost a key hand, JJ vs A7 with A435 or so on the board. I pushed all in thinking he couldn't call with A7-AT... Well, appearantly he could. I was pretty short after that, and it stayed that way till the final table. I ended up coming 8th for $162, which is not enough yet to cover all the expenses, but it comes close.

I decided to first take a break of about an hour and then do the longer session. The session started out good, with again 5 50FL tables and 4 100FL tables, I had a small profit right away, picking up many small pots. Then I won a few bigger ones and my profit rose to $15. After that I got the curse of the kings, losing huge pots with kings twice. Once was vs. Th8x and some other hands on a board op 68957 with 4 hearts, of course I didn't have a heart, and the other was vs. QTo on a board of KQ49J, with me betting out all the way, and him 4-betting the flop if I remember correctly.

Another time someone 4-betted the flop with just an open ended, with me having an overpair. My profit decreased, and at some point I was even down a few cents. Not long after that, my kings held up in a nice $5 pot, and so did my queens. Nearing the end I got queens again, but they couldn't beat KTs that rivered a flush.. That was only a $5 pot, but it did mean I went broke on one table.. After all, I made a $6.25 profit after 757 hands, and won 76 FPP's. The latter means a lot to me, because I just sat for 75 minutes. This means that I can get to Silverstar easily like this, and making a profit while doing it won't be hard. Just look at this session, many bad beats for huge pots, and I'm still making a reasonable profit. I might even try to get to Silverstar this month, with 2 or 3 sessions a day, though I really need to study for my graduation exams... I've earned 203 VPP's this month, 150 of which is the last 2 days.. Ok, I've decided it, I'm going for Silverstar this month.

TomPerez 05-10-2008 10:04 PM

Damn what a horrible day has today been...

It all started with two one hour long FL cashgames sessions...

I was doing the regular 5 50FL and 4 100FL tables. Soon I had made a nice loss. I was playing bad and situations were not with me as well. I didn't hit flops, and when I did hit them, I didn't get any action. An example was 88 in a 5-way pot. Flop came K88, and I bet to get action from a K, and normally you'll see someone call with A-high, but no, all 4 fold. Some other pots where I'm cbetting people end up calling with a gutshot and hit their pair on the river, or just ace high when I have a low pair, or top pair when I have an overpair and hit trips on the river. My problem was that I was calling them too much while I knew I had them beat.

My Pokertracker stats turned around today. I had made a bigger profit on the 50FL tables than on the 100FL tables so far, $20 to $10. Now I'm $10 down on the 50FL and still $10 up on the 100FL tables. Some other fun stats, I've had aces 9 times in about 2300 hands, won 8 of them and $23 making it my biggest profit hand. I've had kings 11 times though, but won them only 5 times and made a wonderful $1.70 profit on it. Things get worse when we get to AKs. I've had it 7 times, winning only 3, losing $4.50 overall. AKo, 19 times, winning 9, $0.30 profit. What's my second biggest winning hand you ask? TT for $20.90. I rivered quads once with it in a huge pot.

My biggest losing hand is AJo, which is not surprising as I find it a very difficult hand to play, especially in FLHE. I've seen it 28 times, winning only 21% of them, losing $7.35 overall. After all, I lost about $15 in 1100 hands today, but I have learnt. Always, and always, fold to a checkraise when either the board pairs or a third card from the same suit comes. I already knew this, but I saw today that I do this not often enough, costing me a LOT of money. I did make a nice 130 FPP's today, which is more than enough for me to be on scedule for Silverstar. I've made 336 VPP so far, only 1164 to go in 20 days! Should be easy, considering I've made most of those 300 in 3 days.

Tonight I decided to use the $75 token I had on Full Tilt. I used it for a FTOPS Main Event sat. 26 started, meaning top 3 got the seat and number 4 about $180. I was carddead pretty much the whole way, and when I had QQ or 99 or TT I just got the blinds. I did make the final table though, being pretty shortstack all the while. With 8 left I only had 5 BB's left and pushed all in with 66 after the guy to my right made it 700. He had to call and showed J2o for a steal, weird one though with me being so short. Anyways, my 66 held up.

Sometime later, 7 left, I only had 1800 with blinds being 150/300. I found AJo, ready to push, but utg already pushed for about 11x. It was about the first hand he played, so I had to fold, and I was glad I did it as I saw pocket Queens dealt to me the very next hand. The guy to my right raised again, I raised all in, he called me with ATs. This was for a 4k pot, average being about 5.5k, but one big chipleader made the avg look smaller. Of course an ace had to flop, and I saw my chances on winning $500 just like that disappear. I lost the pot and ended the tourney in 7th place. If I had won that, I had nice chances on winning that $535 ticket... But no, Full Tilt couldn't make my day here.

Anyways, that's enough for the whining, I'm just really disappointed right now as $500 is a LOT of money for me at the moment. I'm going to bed now and probably going to play a FL session tomorrow early in the morning, when all the drunk American people are online. I should be able to make a profit then... And drunk people mean big pots mean lots and lots of FPP's.


TomPerez 05-12-2008 04:15 PM

I just had the worst session of my life. Everything kept going wrong and wrong and even wronger. I don't know if it was because of me, but it didn't feel like it. Here are the stats for the session:

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 502 hands and saw flop:
- 31 out of 57 times while in big blind (54%)
- 15 out of 53 times while in small blind (28%)
- 38 out of 392 times in other positions (9%)
- a total of 84 out of 502 (16%)
Pots won at showdown - 11 of 25 (44%)
Pots won without showdown - 19

Does that look ugly to you? It sure does to me. I lost $25 in freaking 500 hands, I'm so sick of it. Here's how I lost most of my money:

In these 502 hands, I didn't get AA or KK ONCE, not a freaking single time. Got QQ twice, lost both in big multiway pots, both times an A on the flop and both time someone winning with A-rag. Had QTs once on the BB, there was a raise and one or two callers, so I call as well, flop comes QT2 with 2 clubs. I bet, the raiser raises, I raise again and the raiser caps it. I put him on AA or KK here, QQ or TT would be sick as he should have the only two of those left in the deck then.. AQ was an option as well, so I was well ahead of his range. That's why we cap the turn again (a rag). River comes a blank and I decide to check-call just in case, and yes, he had TT... That was a $12 pot.

Somewhere else I had QJ in the SB, here I made a mistake by calling a button raise. Anyways I flop J32, so I bet, get calls from a limper and the raiser. Turn is blank so I bet again, only the raiser calls this time. River is another J so I bet again, and again he calls, showing freaking KJo to me. Gawd just raise the flop and I'm out of there...

Somewhere else I came with AKs (the only one of the session) against AA on a K high board...

Somewhere else I came with AJs against AA (who limped and coldcalled all the way) on a J high board...

And when I finally flop my straight, I pick up a $4 pot.

Enough said, horrible session, not in the mood to play the BAS game tonight, and actually won't be able to make it because my parents don't want to have dinner before 7... Sigh... I can't wait to live alone next year...

TomPerez 05-22-2008 08:14 PM

Been a while since I updated this, actually been a while since I played poker. Haven't played anything since last Friday when I came 15th in a $33 tourney, enough to win back everything for the BAS. Before that I also didn't play a session for a while, I have been busy learning for my exams, well not so much actually, more busy learning how to play guitar. Everytime I wanted to start a session I disconnected imediately just killing my will to play poker. I still haven't found that will back, and I feel it may actually take some time still... Obviously not going to make the Silverstar, pretty sad about that, but I just can't find the moral to go and 9-table for an hour a day at the moment.

PS: When I tried to post the above, I lost my internet, so typical. And it's funny cause this is actually one of the first posts I have made in a week.

TomPerez 06-04-2008 10:42 PM

Quick update, I've been playing a bit again, so far earned 150 VPP's this month, which means I'm 50 behind scedule to get to Silverstar at the end of the month, but I'll make up for that tomorrow. Did a nice session of 3 100FL tables and 325NL tables, making about $15 profit totally, and I also won a $3.40 HORSE STT good for $8. I'm winning money now which will hopefully be enough to cover the buy-ins from the MSOP Events that I'm going to play, I'll be putting $154 in total buy-ins, which is about 1/4th of my bankroll, it's a bit too high, but I really feel that I can do good in them and end up with a good profit. I'm still having problems with connection on Full Tilt though, but when I'm playing 1 table it's not that bad. That's it for now, have a nice day :)

TomPerez 06-07-2008 09:45 AM

As you maybe have read in the poker forum, I did a long FLHE cashgame session yesterday. I'm not going to bore you with details, just check out the thread. The thing I am going to bore you with however, is that I won $57 in that session and accumulated over 400 FPP's. I only need 850 FPP's to make Silverstar now, which I can easily make before next Saturday. I'm on the point where I should be the 13th of June, meaning I'm almost a week ahead of scedule. I can also set up private tournaments now, which I'm pretty excited about, probably going to set one up for the System Poker members. That's all for now, my bankroll on PS is just under $370, and on Full Tilt I have only $65 left, but that's after $154 in the MSOP, which starts tomorrow for me. I'm also going to do the commentary on tonights WSOSP again, just need a cohost still..

TomPerez 06-08-2008 11:02 PM

It's been horrible day.

Simply horrible.

I managed to make a profit though, $8.

Let's start with a small cashgame session this afternoon. I lost $26 in 500 hands, details can be found in the thread called "Pretty horrible session" in the bad beat section.

Tonight I played three tourney, MSOP Event 15, WSOSP Event 4 and the SHG.

The MSOP started great, I build up a good stack, but after two and a half hours I go all in versus another big stack with KT on a T63 flop. Actually, he checkraised all in, which I knew he'd do because he did it every time and it worked all the times. Anyways, he had A6, hit his 6 on the turn, A on the river. That was for a $38k stack with an average of $12k.

The HORSE WSOSP went terrible. Not entirely bad luck, I didn't play great as well. Key hand was in stud where I made open trips and lost to a flush. I finished in last place.

I did manage to cash the SHG, somewhere in the 600-700 for $56. Went pretty well, got really shortstack though due to not being able to move all in at the end, everytime when I wanted to move in there was a raise before me and in unopened pots I mostly got crap. I did go all in with A3, but got called by A3, so that doesn't help. In the end I had 21k with blinds 3k/6k, I get 88, it gets folded to me, I go all in and get called by A8, A on the flop. Too bad because I would have had small chances again.

I'm disappointed now, as both the MSOP and the SHG had huge prize pools, and in both I get sucked out. If I just could've won the huge pot in the MSOP...

TomPerez 06-14-2008 04:06 PM

I'm stunned.

I thought Sunday's session was bad. Well, wait till you hear about the one I just had.

I lost $42 in 570 hands of 5 tabling 100FL and 4 tables 50FL.

Everything went wrong. Simply everything. I was playing bad, calling off way too much, and once when I had everyone beat with trips on the river with 45s on QJ955 (I had a flushdraw) I folded and the winner of the pot had QJ while he 4-betted the flop... I thought straight for sure...

I couldn't hit flops, didn't find any good hands, except for a few minutes. I got aces 4 times within 5 minutes. Well, how can you still make a $42 loss then you ask? Well, with one I lost to KJo who made 2 pair on the river, another one I lost to 83s who made 2 pair on the turn, with one I picked up the blinds and with the other about a $4 pot...

I couldn't hit any draws at all, but the main reason that I lost so much is that when I flopped something EVERY single time someone either hit a flush or a straight or two pair or three of a kind with bottom pair. Every freaking time. I lost so much money to calling those people off, as in limit you have huge odds and still have to have them beat like 1 in 8 times on the river to make a good call. And with those donks... well those are often good odds.

Anyways, gotta cover my losses with the tournaments tonight, playing the $11 deepstacked that just started, both WSOSP events, WSOOF, MSOP and maybe a few smaller ones.

It's weird, I started off easily winning at limit hold'em, but lately I've really only been losing... I don't know if it's just a bad streak, I'm for sure not playing my A-game either. Though if you look at the beats all the time I'm pretty sure it's at least some kind of a bad streak. However, I really need to get more value out of my good hands and fold more when I'm beat, though that one pot with 45s tought me really not too...

I picked up 97 FPP's, which means I still need 535 to make Silverstar this month. Might get expensive though if I keep running this bad...

TomPerez 06-26-2008 10:51 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I've been focusing on limit hold'em more the past days. I've started reading Lee Nelson's Low Limit Hold'em book, which can really help me, although it's preliminary about the $3-$6 live games which are pretty different from the $0.50-$1 I play. Lately I've been going up and down there, though I'm still a winning player at the 50c-$1 game. I lost a lot at the $0.25-$0.50 which resulted in me totally abandoning that game for now.

I downloaded PokerTracker again, using the free trial now, hoping to persuade my parents to let me buy it after the trial. I've got just under 9000 cashgame hands in it now, and overall I've made a very slight loss, mostly because I lost $25 in one pot at a 25NL table when I turned two pair versus a set.. Anyways, those pots are why I try to stay away from the NL tables. I just can't handle the huge swings. I'll post the graph btw so you can have a look. The bad part is covered by the legend though, and I'm glad of that lol.

My quest for Silverstar will finally be completed the next days. With 4 days of June to go I need 91 VPPs. This is going to be an easy task at the rate that I play now. I did however switch from sitting at tables with huge average pots to lower tables as it seems I do better on those, meaning the FPPs don't come as quick anymore, but they still come.

I also went down to 4-tabling max. This has several reasons. The first is of course that I don't play 50FL anymore, so the 5 tables I used to have just aren't there anymore now. I could still 9-table 100FL then, but sitting at tables with $180 in total is a bit huge for me for if I have a bad run. Also now with PokerTracker, you get the nice VP/PR/AF blocks, but they are way too huge if you don't keep the tables at regular size.

Something interesting I've seen with PokerTracker is that a lot of the regular 100FL players (I consider that the players that I now have 500+ hands played with (I believe my highest is about 1000 hands with one player)) all seem to make losses. It might be because I'm at the table at those times (lol) but I can't really see why they would continue if they lose. I probably just don't have enough hands of them yet and therefor don't see the real picture.

Another interesting things is that with about everyone that has 300+ hands in PokerTracker now against me, has a VP of 12-15, and a PR of 5-8. I have those number myself too, so I think it should be pretty good.

There is also one guy now, eyesparalyze on Stars, who is so bad that every time I go and sit down at tables, I just search his name and join any table he's at. I haven't played a lot with him yet, but after about 100 hands, his VP is about 75, PR is 35 and AF is 9.0... This means that you just call him down with bottom pair and win 2/3 times, I just love it.

Anyways, I'm hoping to make Silverstar tomorrow, so I can play the 100 FPP $20k VIP freeroll on Saturday, and start collecting a lot of FPP's to maybe have enough of them for the $1M TT of July.

My goals for June are reached, reaching Silverstar without losses. My goals for July are about the same, only now reaching Silverstar (maybe Goldstar but I doubt I'll have enough time or energy or money) but now with a good profit showing over the month at the FL tables. Away from the tables, I'll probably use my profit in tourneys like the DFG, SHG and the $5.50 $5k guaranteed so I can make a big hit. I feel it's coming, I've been close several times now, one of which was a 17th place in an MSOP event for $140 while 1st was $7.7k..

I don't really know a topic to write another paragraph about, so I guess this was it for now. Below is my PokerTracker graph.. I think I need another 5 hour long session as that was when I went to the $80 profit.

TomPerez 06-28-2008 10:28 AM

So I made Silverstar yesterday in a small 4 table session in which I first was down $20 but climbed up and ended only $6 down I think. I'm really starting to think that I should stick to 2 tabling as that goes way better for me atm than 4 tabling. Anyways, so I finally made my goal! It's a shame I can't play the 130 FPP sat to the Goldstar $100k freeroll today as I've gotta work, but I will play the 100 FPP $20k freeroll tonight which I'm really excited about.

I also took a long shot at the $1M TT yesterday, starting an 8 FPP rebuy thing. Well, with only the original rebuy and an add on I managed to have a top 5 stack after the rebuy period, and with a bit of help from the cards, meaning my good hands all held up, I could grow my stack pretty quickly, and before I knew it, I was chipleader with 30 left. I remained chipleader till the top 5, that's when things got worse. I went carddead and 75% of the times that I raised, someone would reraise me, except for when I got KK on the BB, then the SB just called and I couldn't squeeze more money out of him.

Anyways, I ended up coming 3rd, with top 2 getting a ticket.. But I got 1000 FPP's, which is also nice. This means that I need to earn about 4000 FPP's in July to be able to make the $1M TT, maybe even more because of the 100 and 130 FPP Silverstar tourneys. So this will be my goal for July, making enough FPP's for the $1M TT, while making a steady profit at the $0.50-$1 tables. This means that I have 34 days from now to accomplish this, meaning I should earn about 120 FPP's a day. I'll update the blog regularly, with my winnings and the amount of FPP's I have.

That's it for now, thanks for reading!

TomPerez 07-01-2008 11:09 PM

Quick update.

I lost like $40 or more on the 100FL in the past days, been running bad, carddead + not flopping good all the time, and when I decide to bluff with AJs on T3467 or something like that, villain has AT.. Been bad, but haven't played that many hands so just a downswing.

I also qualified for the $100k freeroll at the end of the month on my first try. I was 2 hands from being blind all in when someone put in his last $8 and thank god he busted, so I won myself that nice ticket :) I love the double VPP action of the week btw, although I don't have a lot of time to play, but I'll squeeze some session in.

That was it already, cya :)

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