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Venice 03-24-2007 02:05 PM

Forum List
List of all Surfers Poker Forums :-

Visable to all :-

1) Poker Forum

2) Going Deep - Home of the Sharkfin Leaderboard

3) Poker Strategy and Tips

4) Poker Hand Analysis
5) Bad Beats and Wow Hands (inside Poker Hand Analysis)
6) Texas Holdem Tournament Hands (inside Poker Hand Analysis)
7) Texas Holdem SNG Hands (inside Poker Hand Analysis)
8) Texas Holdem Cash Hands (inside Poker Hand Analysis)
9) Non-Holdem Hands (inside Poker Hand Analysis)
10) Full Tournament Analysis (inside Poker Hand Analysis)
12) Hidden Reply - Submissions (inside Poker Hand Analysis)
13) Hidden Reply - Opened Hands (inside Poker Hand Analysis)

14) Poker News and Stories

15) Tournaments and Events - Surfers Poker Tournaments and Events
16) Team Event

17) Crew and Consortiums

18) Poker Staking
19) Poker Staking Rules, Guidelines, and Questions (inside Poker Staking)
20) Stakes Available (inside Poker Staking)
21) Buy a share (inside Poker Staking)
22) BAS Results (inside Poker Staking)
23) The Stables (inside Poker Staking)
24) Rails (inside Poker Staking)
25) Hall of Fame Stakes (inside Poker Staking)
26) Stake Table Archive (inside Poker Staking)

27) The Beach
28) Intros (inside The Beach)
29) Sandy Beach (inside The Beach)
30) Sports (need to be logged in)
31) Music, Film, and Gaming (need to be logged in)

32) Poker Blogs

33) Poker Quizzes

Visable to certain members :-

1) Passwords - automatically visible to any member with 3+ quality posts (Passwords will be put in this forum 10-30 mins before the tourney starts)

2) Password Early Release (L1) - visible to Level 1 Members only (Passwords put here 6-10 hours before tourney starts)

3) Top Level PERF (L2) - visible to Level 2 Members only (Top Level Password Early Release Forum (or 'TLP' for short) gets password 2-4 days before tourney starts)

4) Private Staking Area - automatically visible to members with 20+ posts

5) Poker Videos - automatically visible to members with 20+ posts
Contains forums Poker Coaching Videos, and Random Poker Videos - both are automatically visible to members with 20+ posts

6) Surfers Radio - automatically visible to members with 20+ posts

7) Star Deck - automatically visible to members with 20+ posts

8) The Green Room - Surfers Poker's area visible to established longer-term members (500+ non-spammed, non-oneliner, and non-staking-related posts), who have also been nominated by an existing Green Room member. Entry is not automated, it is awarded to very high quality members.

Access Levels for Surfers members :-

Level 0 :- All new Surfers Poker members (including those with 3+ posts who can see the 'Passwords' Forum)

Level 1 :- Members with 50+ good quality posts (in 'Poker Forum', 'Poker Strategy and Tips' or 'Poker News and Stories') will be considered for access to the L1 forum. If chosen it will be manually added to your ID.

Level 2 :- Members with 200+ good quality posts (in 'Poker Forum', 'Poker Strategy and Tips' or 'Poker News and Stories'). You must also have been a member for an absolute minimum of 1 month, and be considered by Green Roomers and Moderators to be making a good positive general contribution to the community, beyond just posting.

There are additional privaledges for Level 2 members. For example they are also entitled to create buy-a-share threads.

Level 3 :- Green Room (see above ... 500+ good quality posts + a nomination)

Level 4 :- Green Room and Moderation Abilities

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