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Venice 02-27-2007 03:11 PM

All Poker Variants
I spoke to someone the other day asking him what form of poker he liked, and he replied, to my mild amusement, 'all three'. This made me think, maybe I should do a bit of a list. Anyway, here goes...

NB I have not listed format variantions such as No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit, Short-handed, Heads-Up, Rebuy/Freezeout, Trip/Double Draw etc. IE I have just listed Holdem rather than NL Holdem, PL Holdem, etc etc

Definitive List of all Poker Variants

Anaconda (How to play Anaconda)
Auction (Stud based)
Badugi (How to play Badugi)
Balls (5 card stud based)
Balls to the Wall (Guts based)
Baltimore (same as Chicago Low)
Baseball (7 card Stud Variant) (How to play Baseball Poker)
Baseball - Blind Baseball (7 card stud variant)
Baseball - Midnight Baseball (7 card stud variant)
Bean Marriage
Between the Sheets
Big Fish, Little Fish (holdem based)
Billabong (Holdem based)
Black Mariah
Bloody Sevens
Buddha's Folly
Canadian Stud (5 card Stud Variant)
Caribbean Poker
Cincinnati (community cards based, 5 holes cards, 5 cards on the board)
Circle Jerk (Guts based)
Chicago (7 card Stud Variant)
Low Chicago (7 card Stud Variant)
Chinese Poker (How to Play Chinese Poker)
Choose your Own (7 card stud based)
Chowaha (holdem based)
Church (same as Iron Cross)
Cowpie Poker (Stud based)
Craw Worm (Anaconda variant)
Cross Eyes (Anaconda variant)
Dakota (Stud based)
Deuce-Seven (2-7)
Dirty Schultz (stud based)
Dogbutt (draw based)
Don Juan (draw based)
Double Revenge
Draw - 5 Card Draw (How to play 5 card draw)
Draw - 7 Card Draw
Elevator (holdem based)
English Stud (Stud Variant)
Follow the Queen (7 card Stud Variant, with Queens wild)
Football (7 card Stud variant)
Full Monty (Guts based)
Ghost Hand
Grocery Store Dots (Stud based)
HA (Mixed Format Game)
Harem (7 card stud based)
Have a Heart (stud based)
Henway (stud based)
Homicide (7 card Stud Variant)
Horse (Mixed Format Game) (How to play HORSE)
Howdy Doody (Anaconda Based)
Indian Poker (5 card stud based)
Iron Cross (community cards based)
Jack the Shifter
Jacks to Open, Trips to win (Draw based)
Lame Brain Pete
Killer King
King Little (Guts based)
La Puta
Let It Ride
Liars Poker
Loose Tequila
Love Thy Neighbour (7 card Stud Variant)
Manilla (Holdem based)
Mexican Stud (Stud based naturally)
Mexican Sweat (Stud baesd)
Midnight Baseball
Money Back (Draw based)
Monkey Love (5 card draw variant)
Monty Python (Anaconda Variant)
Napalm (holdem based)
No Vaseline (Draw based)
Omaha Hi-Lo (How to play Omaha)
Omaha Burns
Pai Gow (How to play Pai Gow)
Pai Gow Poker Pass The Trash
Pansy (7 card Stud Variant)
Pass The Trash
Philiadelphia (7 card Stud based)
Pineapple (Holdem Variant) (How to play Pineapple)
Crazy Pineapple (Holdem Variant)
Pneumonia (Omaha related)
Double Pneumonia (Omaha related) (How to play Double Pneumonia)
The Price is Right (Stud based)
Psycho (5 card draw variant)
Polish (same as Pass The Trash)
Razz (7 card game, standing in its own right) (How to play Razz)
Roll your Neighbour
Russian Poker (same as Chinese Poker)
Russian Revolution (7 card Stud based)
San Francisco
San Francisco Low
Satan (5 card Stud variant)
Screw Thy Neighbour
Second Hand High (Stud based)
Sequence (Stud based)
Selection-Rejection (same as Pass the Trash)
Sevens Take All (7's take all) (Stud base with 7's best hand)
Shanghai (holdem based)
Shipwreck (stud based)
Slider (Anaconda variant)
Snake Eyes (Anaconda variant)
Soda Bomb
Soko (5 card stud variant)
Spanish Poker (Holdem Based)
Spit (Draw based)
Spit in the Ocean (Draw based, with one card face up in middle)
Stud - 5 card Stud
Stud - 7 card Stud (How to play Stud)
Stud - 7 card Stud Hi-Lo
Stud - Low Ball
Suicide King
Texas Holdem (How to Play Holdem)
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Three Five Seven
Tic Tac Toe
Trees (Draw based)
Wall Street (Stud based)
Washington Park (7 card stud, lowest downcard is wild)
Want It, Want It, Got It (same as Pass The Trash)

You wont find a more comprehensive list anywhere. So if you are thinking of creating a unique poker game, chances are it may already exists under a different name, but that shouldnt stop you trying :).

If you come accross any others please post them in this thread and I will edit them into the list.

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