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Play Poker with Rakeback and Increase Your Profit

Think of what you could do with an extra three hundred dollars a month. How about an extra $3,000? Most of the time rakeback is aimed at players who are making five figures a month-a raked percentage of a high-roller's take is going to be a four-figure loss. This does not mean that lower-stakes players can't benefit from rakeback as well. Having an extra $300 dollars in your pocket is more than enough to justify signing up with a rakeback program.

The money you get back from rakeback isn't necessarily just extra spending money—it can be put back into the online casino. Of course, this is exactly what the casino wants you to do, but there's a good reason in your favor as well. Imagine if you knew you were going to get an extra $1000 at the end of the month and you've gotten a golden hand dealt to you. Instead of betting passively, you could bet a chunk of that $1000 and increase your win even more.

Often players remain passive betters because they can't afford to be otherwise, even when they get a golden hand, or else they only bet high when they're dealt a good hand. There are two problems with this. First, you won't make a lot from small winnings, which can really build up over time. Second, a passive better who waits to bet on good hands is easy to read. A smart opponent will know what you're holding just by the way you bet. If you have a deeper bank account, you can afford to be more playful with your bets, which can in turn lead to an even deeper bank account. The extra edge you get when playing with rakeback applies for all poker rooms that accept rakeback including, Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet and Cake Poker. From these three rooms, the highest percentage you can get is with Cake Poker Rakeback offering 33 % rake paid back to your poker account every week.

If you're a high roller you can probably afford it. Lower-stakes players play at that level for a reason: they might not be so confident in their game or their bank accounts just can't handle the strain of a big loss. Rakeback can help level the playing field so you don't have to lose money even when you win. This predicates you actually winning, obviously-if you're not bringing in any wins, you're not going to get any rake back either. But you should definitely not be taxed for winning.

Really there is no good reason to not sign up for rakeback if you are either a high or low-stakes player. It can increase your profits on a day by day basis, which, after all, is what gambling is all about-not just the thrill of the win, but the thrill of winning a bundle.