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Old 06-09-2011, 01:13 PM
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Okay, as you know, I'm a guy who has no clue what to do with his life. Also, I'm a guy who comes up with a lot of idea's what to do, says he'll stick to it and then abandon it after a short time. So, let's look at a few of the things I've claimed to go and do in this blog:

- Grind FLHE ring games (Where this whole blog started, managed to stick to it for a pretty long time, till I made Silverstar for the first time basically)
- Grind HU sngs and MTTs (Stuck to it for maybe 3 weeks)
- Grind 45-seaters

Oh, nice quote here from a post on 10-4-2008:

Originally Posted by TomPerez
I'm changing a bit in the challenge. This is due to me having the characteristic need of freedom. I can never stick to plans. This can be widely seen throughout this blog.
Lets continue:

- Started studying Communication and Information sciences (quit after 2 months)
- Grind STTs (managed to stick to it for several months, until...)
- Do a prop bet in $6.50 STTs, $2000 profit in a week (this meant I had to do weeks and weeks of training, which totally killed my motivation, ended up quitting STTs altogether)
- Not really a challenge, but I'll take every chance to mention it: Shipped summer classics event for €16000 XD
- Play steps to qualify for PCA (wanted to play 75 step 1s, stopped after 37)
- Grind 50NL 6-max (quit after dropping $500 in the first week)

Oh, another nice quote (2-24-2010):

Originally Posted by TomPerez
I remember that a year ago I was wondering the same thing, am I even supposed to go to college? Isn't college like totally wrong for me? I quote from this blog from the 12th of January last year:

I'm looking through my blog and it looks like I haven't updated on my career choosing for a while. Well, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to go to college again. I'm just not the learning kind of guy, I nearly puke at the idea of having to study books of 1500+ pages for tests. I'm more of a guy who learns through experience, also to be seen in my poker learning as I've done most of my learning through playing lots and lots of hands. I've only read one book and occasionally been active in the strategy forum here. I can never keep myself to just learning though, and that's why such a theoratical study is just nothing for me.

No, I'm now looking at the option of moving up the ladder in the supermarket where I work now. They offer a few courses, most where you work 4 days a week and go to school one day. Then you can become supermarketmanager and stuff and that really sounds good to me I have to say. I like the idea of having to run a huge shop, I'm not sure why, maybe it's the power, maybe it's the satisfaction, but it just sounds good.

I'm also still in the want of pursueing a career in poker. It is and will remain my dream to one day be travelling the world to big poker tournaments, maybe being sponsored and stuff. But hey, gotta learn and build a roll first, and that's mainly what the $10k challenge is for. I just have to play bigger games now for me to learn more about the game, but there's work to do first. It's going to be tough to constantly play the same games though, may become pretty boring, but combined with normal work I think it will be achievable.
This is exactly how I still feel, except that the supermarket didn't work out, I wasn't the guy for the job or something. So instead I just quit as I didn't wanna keep working there doing some lowlife job that bored the crap out of me for money that I didn't even need.

So what remains? Poker. It is where my heart and soul lies, but I'm scared. Scared that poker will not be as big as it is now in ten years. If poker gets smaller, it will be way harder to make a living off it. It means that there will be way less new donks coming into the game, while all the pro's stay in the game because they have little choice, they need to make a living. How are the pro's gonna make a living if it's only pro's that are playing the game? Of course, there will always be donks in the game, but relatively I think there will be way less in 10-15 years.
And then some more challenges:

- $12 180s (had a huge downswing which killed my spirits, later I decided there's no value in m as there's too many people grinding them)
- Quit poker (fell back right after making the announcement, May 2010)
- Write songs (actually managed to fill a notebook, still occasionally write some)
- Study Psychology (which I've kinda decided to quit, again)
- Get Iron Man for 3 months (quit halfway the first month, downswing killed me)
- Quit poker again (fell back at the end of January '11)
- Write an album (never got past the concept, cept writing 2 texts I think)
- Write a book (never got past the concept)

So that's it. There's one thing I haven't included, which is MTTs. It seems that whatever I did, I always came back to MTTs in the end. Kinda sucks as that's not where the real money is if you wanna play poker for a living, but I guess I just love them. It's actually going pretty good lately, playing for a $700 bas, currently up to $1150ish I think, just by playing MTTs. 2 final tables and 4 top 20s so far in a week, 3 of which were yesterday. I hope it can continue.

But anyways, the reason for making this post is that I've kinda decided what I want to do with my life. If you look at the points I just made there's one thing that clearly stands out, poker is one of the biggest things is my life. I always come back to poker, no matter what I do. Whenever I went to college it's for the reason that it's normal do it, that you HAVE to, but do you really? I can also just lose all those thoughts right now, and pursue a career in poker, or at least in the casino scene. I'm gonna apply at the Holland Casino, hopefully they'll have a dealer job for me, I'm perfect for the job, I know the rules of just about every game they offer, I'm very quick with numbers, I can shuffle a deck within 10 seconds, dunno what they'd want more. Then if I can get that job then maybe someday I can become Floor Manager, would be freaking awesome tbh.

I also really want to become good at poker again. I mean, it's not like I suck, but I've been way better in the past. I just need to study a lot, analyze a lot etc, too bad that I find that the most boring part of the game, but it's necessary if I really wanna become good again. I'm currently crushing the micro scene though lol. Just playing MTTs below $11 for the BAS, I think that's where the most value lies for me. The $22-$55 are filled with players who are better than me, while there are hardly any atm (seems so at least) under $11.

So, short lines of this post, I don't want to go to college (unless I get into Journalism, but the chances are very slim), I want to get in the casino scene, or play.
Signed by Tee2DaEmEffingPee!

My blog is inactive again, check it out!

[9/23/2010 5:45:13 PM] mark withers: ha ur too smart to get levelled i fail
^^^^^^ Listen to this man. Many have tried, many have failed. Your tries are useless, for I am Erik, The Unlevelable!
Except for Sal, he did it


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