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Old 10-22-2014, 07:56 AM
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Default Taking Advantage Of Table Image

One of the more useful elements of no-limit Texas hold'em strategy is table image.If you know how to control your table image, you can control how other players at the table react to you,and that can lead to big profits at the poker table.
What is Table Image?
Table image is how the other players at the table think of you (little images next to your name,as seen in Full Tilt for example,have nothing to do with it).If your opponents think that you are very selective, only moving chips with very strong hands, you have a tight table image.If they see you playing a lot of pots, you have a loose table image.If you've been betting and raising a lot,even without premium hands, you have an aggressive table image.

What is a "Good" Table Image?
Some players are concerned with presenting a "good" table image. For example, since many players believe that a tight aggressive style is an optimal way to play, they think that it is good to have a tight aggressive image. In reality, there is no good or bad table image. A table image is only as good or bad as the ability to exploit it. If you can be reliably trusted to act according to your image, this is good for your opponents and bad for you. If you can pick key spots to act counter to your table image in order to gain an advantage, this is good for you and bad for your opponents.

How Do You Develop a Table Image?
Sometimes it will happen by accident.If you have been getting a lot of good cards, raising and taking down pots uncontested, you may develop an image of being very aggressive,even though the reality is you are just playing your cards.If you haven't played a hand in an hour,you may gain a reputation of being tight,even if you have a wide range of playable hands that the cards just don't happen to have fallen into yet.

How Can You Use Table Image to Your Advantage in No-Limit Texas Hold'em?
Pay careful attention to how you are perceived at the table.At a key momentshift gears and do something unexpected. If you have a tight image, run a big bluff.If you have a loose image, wait until you get a monster and overbet for value.Use your image by acting contrary to it when your opponents least expect it.

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Old 08-15-2020, 04:56 AM
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It is really nice information.


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