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Old 03-12-2007, 05:26 PM
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smallbluestar Glossary of Surfers Poker Staking Terminology

Stakee = The person receiving the stake

Horse = Another name for the Stakee

Staker = The person giving out the stake

Stakeback + 50% = If a horse cashes, the staker gets sent back the initial value of the stake plus 50% of the profit


TPS is total profit for stakers. eg on a single 50%+Stakeback stake of $5.50, if you cashed $12, you TPS for this stake would be (12-5.5)/2 = 3.25. High TPS can make you feel more confident in the honesty of a horse, as it directly relates to profits shipped back to stakers in dollars.


STR = Stakee Total Returned/Received (essentially a grand total of your returns (your winnings) and a grand total of your stakes received). This is expressed in the form $11.11/$22.22, which would mean the player has won $11.11 from stakes totalling $22.22. When this fraction is converted to a percentage, anything above 100% will be an overall profit. In the example here the STR = 11.11/22.22 = 50%. The STR percentage best equates to a Horse's Expected Value. The higher it is the better you can expect the horse to perform.


SFS is stakee feedback score, and is a stakers ranking of how a stakee has behaved on a stake. Eg did they create a rail as requested, were they reckless with your money, etc etc. A score of 1 is v.poor, a score of 5 is great. Persistant ratings of 1 or 2 may result in the horse being locked out of the staking forum.


ITM = In The Money (ie amount of times the player has made the money in a staked tourney)


BAS = Buy-a-share (a system where others can buy a share in you to play poker)

Staker Points

For every 1 dollar staked you will get 1 staker point. You must report the result (via the Stake Submission Form) to get your points, and your stakee must have applied for the stake in a stake thread or created a rail thread within the first 10 minutes of the tournament starting.


A system where additional checks are done on a member, and they are given a title to reflect they passed those checks. This enables a staker to state "Verified members only" as a condition to have more confidence in the reliabilty of the horses.


DNS = DO NOT STAKE (Player is not trustworthy and should be avoided)

Title: "Contact a Mod before Sending Funds to this user"

There are some finanical concerns with the member (either past or present). Dont send them anything without checking with a mod first. It is very likely they owe people money, but it is also possible with this title that they are in the process of trying to pay back.

Accumulated Stakeback (ASB)

A condition that can be added to a stake to smooth out some variance for a regular staker. If the horse doesnt cash in the staked tournament, their name and the amount of the stake will be noted by the staker. If the horse plays an additional stake for the staker at any time in the future, this amount will be added to the stakeback required for that future stake. See also ASB Information and ASB Examples


Variance reduction within the actual stake/BAS itself. For example: if the initial plan finishes down you will play XXX as make-up to try to recover the situation. Whilst make-up is taking place the stake/BAS is still considered In-Progress. Not to be confused with ASB (which transcends from one stake to another until recovered).


A style of stake in which the initial stake amount is used more than once. The stake stays alive by re-using the winnings to play more tournaments.

Summary of use of TPS/STR/ITM by a staker

1) The higher the TPS the more successful and trustworthy the player is. If they have a TPS of say 20, it means they must have sent back at least $20 to stakers (on top of all the 'stake back' money that they also sent), and thus if past performance is anything to go by you can be more confident the person is a stand-up, decent person.

2) The higher the STR% the greater the expected value on your stake.

3) The higher the ITM the steadier the player. Not necessarily the most profitable, but certainly the most reliable in getting to the money line.

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