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Bodog Poker Review (Bovada Poker for US Players)

Bodog are very famous in the world of sports books and sports betting. They have also branched out into poker, and have set up a very attractive and well run site. US Players take part on their sister site called Bovada Poker.

Collect Bovada Poker $1000 bonus (US Players)
Collect Bodog Poker $1000 bonus (Non-US players)

In a normal month they have around $3.5 million to $5 million in Guaranteed prize tournaments. ie regardless of the number of entrants there is always a set minimum prizepool, which is great.

They have a big weekly tournament on Sundays at 4pm ET, which has a $100K guaranteed prize pool.

Here is a screenshot of the Bodog Poker/Bovada Poker Lobby :-

Here is a screenshot of a Bodog Poker/Bovada Poker table :-

These tables are easily resized, and recoloured and altered to your own taste. They have a good function of having different set layouts for playing multiple tables at once, should you so wish.

Bodog/Bovada also do a very good leaderboard, monitoring the top players on the site every month, here is a screenshot of the top 10 :-

If you are interested in giving Bodog/Bovada a go, then you will get a 100% bonus up to $1000 with one of these links :-

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