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THIS IS AN ARCHIVED REVIEW ONLY: CAKE POKER IS NOW CLOSED. The network was sold on to Revolution Gaming Network

Cake Poker is an excellent site, which accepts players from all countries, including the USA

Details about the Cake Poker site

They have regular $100 Guaranteed and $250K Guaranteed tournaments. Along with Bounty Tournaments, Turbos, and Freerolls.

Some of the interface features include nicely laid out tables, a tournament filter, table background choices, re-sizeable tables, and web-based hand histories.

One of the great things that a lot of players also like is that player ID changes are permitted. So if you get bored of your screen name, or you just fancy a change, then you can change your poker nickname within the Cake Poker client itself

The games available at Cake Poker are Holdem (NL, PL, and Limit), Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud, and Stud Hi-Lo

You will get a 200% Bonus at Cake Poker using the bonus code CKSTART

You can get the 200% Cake Bonus all the way up to a max of $2000

Every year Cake Poker to an very interesting incentive scheme with a $52,000 jackpot. It basically involves you collecting cards from the deck, with each card relating to a differenec accomplishment. In addition to this the also have a good frequent player program which involves accumulating Gold Chips.

More Specifics on the Cake Poker Bonus

Pending Bonus funds are earned in $10 increments based on Frequent Player Points (FPPs). You can accumulate FPPs through real money ring games or tournaments. When viewing your Pending Bonus within the Cashier tab, you’ll find an FPP amount listed under the dollar amount. Those are the FPPs needed to earn out your next $10cash

How do you earn FPPs?
When you are dealt cards at any real money ring game, you'll earn 1 FPP for every dollar raked. In tournament play, you'll earn 7 FPPs per dollar in tournament fees paid. This applies down to the penny eg if the rake was $1.22, then you'll earn 1.22 FPPs.

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