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THIS SITE IS NOW CLOSED The review is kept here for historical reasons. All links have been removed

Full Tilt Poker is a site where you will find many poker pros and high rollers.

It is the home of Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom.

You will see these pros playing regularly at the tables, and getting a seat at their table is often not that difficult if you have a few billion dollars for the buy-in.

Quite a few players have worked their way up online and now compete regularly against these big name pros. Even if it is beyond your own personal budget, it is still fun to watch.

Full Tilt naturally has a range of tables and tournaments catering for all budgets not just the high rollers. They also have a wide game selection including Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Razz, and HORSE. More recent additions include the draw games such as 5-Card Draw, Deuce Seven Lowball, and Irish Poker.

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Full Tilt are very innovative with very regular new features and formats, making it a fun place to play. These things include Run It Twice, Cashout Tourneys, Multiple Entry Tourneys, Final Table Deal Making, Escalator Tourneys, and Rush Poker, amongst many more.

Here is a screenshot of the tourney lobby at Full Tilt Poker :-

Here is a screenshot of a table at Full Tilt Poker.This screen is easily customized. I have set it to a basic setting for the picture below, but if you want more colorful scenes or funky avatars, then they are only a click away within the options.

The tables are resizeable so if you wish to play several tables at once, you can easily do that with all tables in full view on your computer

If you are interested in giving Full Tilt a go, you will get a 100% deposit bonus plus $10 for free using this link:- Collect 100% Bonus PLUS $10 for free, or by using Referal/Bonus code SUNSHINE

Good Luck at the tables!

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