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» Pre-flop odds of Holdem hands
The probability of being dealt :- Expressed as a percentage Odd against it
A premium hand (AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AKs,AKo) 3.01% 32.2 to 1
Pair of Aces (Bullets)
Pair of Kings through to a Pair of Jacks
Pair of Tens through to a pair of sixes
Pair of fives, through to a pair of twos
220 to 1
72.7 to 1
43.2 to 1
54.3 to 1
Ace King suited
Ace King offsuit
Ace Queen or Ace Jack suited
Ace Queen to Ace Jack offsuit

331 to 1
110 to 1
165 to 1
54.3 to 1
King Queen suited
King Queen offsuit
331 to 1
110 to 1
Ace with less than Jack, suited
Ace with less than Jack, offsuit
35.8 to 1
11.3 to 1
ANY Pair
ANY two cards suited
ANY two cards adjacent and suited
   with most straight possibilities
ANY two cards adjacent and offsuit
   with most straight possibilities
ANY hand with a Pair or an Ace
16 to 1
3.25 to 1
46.4 to 1
14.8 to 1
3.91 to 1
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