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» Sunday Million Winners

Sunday Million Winners

Date Player Winnings Notes Report
4th Nov 07 WhatArunAA $99,000 Deal Report
28th Oct 07 SlippyJacks $240,633.15 No deals Report
21st Oct 07 Macknot $187,630.24 No deals Report
14th Oct 07 Pairofnothin $140,448.84 2-way deal Report
7th Oct 07 Haligon $132,182 4-way deal Report
30th Sept 07 No Event No Event No Event No Event
23rd Sept 07 No Event No Event No Event No Event
16th Sept 07 No Event No Event No Event No Event
9th Sept 07 stones99 $186,451 No deal done Report
2nd Sept 07 Dynamite321 $163,795.94 2-way deal Report
26th Aug 07 Egar1m $243,115.80 No deal done Report
19th Aug 07 hockeystud94 $166,000 2-way deal Report
12th Aug 07 IG0tDibs $188,176.68 No deal done Report
5th Aug 07 Omoneyman0 $110,323 4-way deal Report
29th July 07 Zutzman $152,538 4-way deal Report
22nd July 07 5902838181 $196,243.80 No deal done Report
15th July 07 AJunglen7 $198,922.80 No deal done Report
8th July 07 vietcong01 $157,154.29 3-way deal Report
1st July 07 tonijeromi $192,126.60 No deal done Report
24th June 07 mlagoo $315,517.80 No deal done Report
17th June 07 No Event No Event No Event No Event
10th June 07 dangdokodang $132,029.84 3-way deal Report
3rd June 07 pokerjoel1 $113,415 5-way deal Report
27th May 07 RikkiTikki $226,142.29 3-way deal Report
20th May 07 tanbai $187,901 2-way deal Report
13th May 07 Hold em 888 $141,519 3-way deal Report
6th May 07 JB_Dog $191,742.92 No deal done Report
22nd April 07 SvZff $163,974.12 3-way deal Report
15th April 07 jcamby33 $180,000 2-way deal Report
8th April 07 BrainGuy $170,302.38 2-way deal Report
1st April 07 Kid_Poker47 $198,358.80 No deal done Report
25th March 07 fouruhaters $291,472.80 2-way deal Report
18th March 07 power2prut $180,000 2-way deal Report
11th March 07 Zeddor $131,971.74 5-way deal Report

The table above is a continuation of this page :- Million Dollar Winners. All Sunday Million winners before 11th March 07 can be found there.

The Sunday Million takes place on PokerStars

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