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Some of the latest page additions. This contains mostly contests that we do, but also a few new features :-

MM No.7 - Micro Millions Contest No.7

BPHC - Best Played Hands Contest

Pro Tour - Pro Poker Tour over 3 months

Xmas Party - Annual Xmas Party Bash

MM No.6 - Micro Millions Contest No.6

November Nine - November Nine Contest

Survivor VI - Survivor No.6 contest

DFC No.42 - Deepest Finish Contest No.42

Game Design - Game Design Contest

MM No.5 - Micro Millions No.5 Contest

WSOP LMS - WSOP Last Man Standing contest

Bingo - Poker Bingo Contest

SNG Champ 12 - SNG Championship No.12

MM No.4 - Micro Millions No.4 Contest

NBC Heads-up - NBC Heads-up Contest

Fantasy Teams - The 2013 Fantasy Poker Teams Contest

Survivor V - The 5th edition of Survivor

Xmas Party - The 2012 Xmas Party

The Big Kahuna - Contest which includes The Bigs and MMIII

SNG Champ XI - 11th SNG Championship

Micro Millions II - 2nd Micro Millions Contest

Survivor IV - 4th Survivor Contest

Party Poker Freerolls - 2 private Party Poker freerolls for members

Black Friday Anniv - Black Friday Anniversary Contest

WSOSP 11 - 11th World Series of Surfers Poker

Blom vs Haxton - Blom vs Haxton Free Sweep

Micro Millions - Micro Millions Contest

SNG Championship X - 10th SNG Championship

Survivor III - The third Survivor championship

2012 Fantasy Teams - Fantasy Poker Teams for 2012 (free to enter)

PAD No.10 - Poker After Dark No.10

$200 Freeroll - $200 Freeroll on William Hill

Main Event Deep Sweep - A sweepstake on the WSOP Main Event

SNG Championship IX - Info on the 9th SNG Championship

WSOP 2011 Sweep - Free sweep on the 2011 WSOP

WSOSP X - Info on the 10th World Series of Surfers Poker

Cash Game Masters - Details of the latest bling title event for cash game players

Surfers OFC - Surfers Poker takes on other forums in a team contest

Surfers Poker Club - Get access to the Surfers Poker club house

Survivor II - Details of the second Survivor

Xmas Party - Introduction to the Xmas Party

PAD No.9 - The 9th Poker After Dark league

SNG Champ VIII - The 8th SNG Championship

WSOSP No.9 - Details of the 9th World Series of Surfers Poker

Survivor - Details on the latest MTT contest

8th Team Event - Details of the 8th Team Event

WSOP Main Event Contest - WSOP Main Event Last Man Standing Contest

WSOP 2010 Sweep - Free to enter sweep for the 2010 WSOP

Poker After Dark No.8 - The 8th Poker After Dark league event

Sit and Go Championship VII - Details of the 7th Sit and Go Championship

3x $100 Private Freerolls - Details of the private William Hill freerolls

WSOSP No.8 - The 8th World Series of Surfers Poker

Poker After Dark VII - The 7th Poker After Dark league

Xmas Party III - details of the 3rd annual Surfers Poker Xmas Party - lots of contests/prizes

Mini FTOPS DFC - Deepest finish contest for the Mini FTOPS. Free to enter.

ouch's Freeroll - Ouch has put on a freeroll for surfers members, with an extra $50 chipped in from Venice.

Surfers vs The Rest - Freeroll and Tourney - Surfers Poker vs The Rest of the World. $1000 Freeroll, and a money added tourney

14th Nov Freeroll - Details of the WW Freeroll on 14th Nov

Sit-and-go Championship - Details of the 6th SNG Championship

Team Event No.7 - The sign-up sheet is up for the next Team Event

WCOOP ME Sweep - Sweepstake for the WCOOP Main Event

WSOSP VII - The dates and events for the 7th World Series of Surfers Poker have been announced

MGM Events - Events relating to the Non NLHE Strategy Extravaganza, including a DFC league and the 6th Poker After Dark private league

Non-NLHE Strategy Extravanganza - Details of the Non-NLHE Strategy Extravaganza

WSOP ME Contest and 50K Horse Contest Contests relating to the 2009 WSOP

SNG Championship Details of the 5th SNG Championship

Team Event No.6 The 6th Team Event has been announced

SCOOP Deepest Finish Contest We're doing a deepest finish contest for the upcoming Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on Pokerstars

6th WSOSP - The sixth World Series of Surfers Poker was been announced. There are 8 events in WSOSP VI all carrying a bling bracelet and prize money for the winner.

5th Poker After Dark - The schedule of our fifth Poker After Dark league

Member of the Year - Member of the Year voting - the winner gets a stake for the Sunday Million on PokerStars

SNG Championship IV - 4th SNG Championship

5th Team Event - Registration for the 5th Team Event is now open

Tournament Analysis - The tournament analysis page has been updated

WSOSP V - The schedule of the 5th World Series of Surfers Poker

SNG Champ III - Details of the 3rd Sit and Go Championship

TomPerez went deep in a WCOOP event. In 4 parts we can see the entire tournament history - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Poker After Dark IV - The Poker After Dark league championship is starting soon

Team Event Leaderboard - The 4th Team Event is underway. Follow the progress at the leaderboard

Poker God Challenge Poker God Challenge - Who is the best tournament player?

WSOP Main Event Report Report on the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event

WSOP Last Man Standing Contest The sweepstake contest for the last man standing in the WSOP 2008 Main Event is now open. Money has been added to the sweepstake prizepool

WSOP 2008 Bracelets WSOP Summary page added for those following this years WSOP

$2.5K and $5K Freeroll We have arranged a very nice pair of freerolls for members. Passwords available to Surfers Poker members with 3+ posts

WSOSP IV Details of the fourth World Series of Surfers Poker

WSOP Sweepstake Sweepstake for the 2008 WSOP

Forum Challenge Compete on the Surfers team against other forums

SNG Championship II Sign-up has stand for the SNG Championship II

Poker Biographies The poker player biographies have been uploaded and the voting has commenced

Poker After Dark Championship Details of the 3rd Surfers Poker, Poker After Dark Championship

Poker Rakeback Deals Rakeback deals for cash players

WSOP 2008 Qualifiers Information about WSOP qualifiers in 2008.

Surfers Poker Shop and Poker Book Shop The Surfers Poker Shop, and a shop selling Poker Books and Poker DVDs are both now open

Blind Tournament TomPerez's blind tournament. To give him feedback on his play post in the 'Annette Obrestad Blind Tournament' thread

Biography Competition A poker player biography contest

Team Event Sign of sheet for the upcoming Team Event

Sunday215 Details of new event The Sunday215

Mar and Apr Events The schedule is out for the main Surfers Poker events up until End Apr

The Poker Puzzles Here are the poker puzzle contest entries. Submit your answers to ouchbadbeat before the deadline

Poker Puzzle Contest A poker puzzle contest has started for Surfers Poker members, with $20 in prizes

Member of the Year The member of the Year voting has started. The winner gets a stake for the PokerStars Sunday Million

1 Year Old Surfers Poker is one year old. Still a baby, but with the heart of a lion (or shark!)

Article Contest Winner - by316 wins both 1st and 2nd prize! in the article contest

rockster's final table demolition - Member rockster has posted his final table hand history from a recent win. There is also a discussion thread on this in the Hand Analysis forum

WSOSP III Details of the third World Series of Surfers Poker (WSOSP) have been released. There are 8 events in total with WSOSP bracelets up for grabs

Surfers Radio Surfers Poker Radio has been added. The station is visible to members with 20+ posts. There have been a couple of radio shows so far, and have been popular with members. The theme is normally along the lines of poker or music....normally a bit of both.

Sit-and-Go Championship - Sign-ups are now being taken for the Sit-and-Go Championship. There is money added and a title up for grabs

Article Contest The article contest is open for submissions

WSOP 2008 Dates The dates and schedule for the 2008 WSOP are out. See our page for the full details

We held a little contest for members to create a fun poker related webpage. It goes to a vote off between 3 pages : Rufus's funpoker page and Ouch's funpoker page and Thomas's funpoker page

Surfers Poker Christmas Party Get your tickets for the Surfers Poker Christmas party here. Over 20 contests, all with prizes, during the party weekend.

Tourney Analysis Several members are getting involved in a mutual tournament anaylsis circle in order to try to improve each others games. The ones so far can be found on this tourney analysis page.

Poker After Dark No.2 The second Poker After Dark contest has been announced. This will comprise of 4 league events, with the top 4 players in the league advancing to the finale.

Team Event No.2 The second Surfers Poker Team Event has been announced. This will comprise of 5 games over a weekend

Buy a share for multiple tourneys The buy-a-share agreements have been expanded to include an agreement for playing sets of tournaments

Tournament Selection Guide to tournament selection from the perspective of field size

WSOSP II The lobbies and passwords are up for the forthcoming World Series of Surfers Poker (WSOSP)

WCOOP 2007 Results WCOOP Results page added for the World Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars

BRM Chart A chart covering recommended Bankroll Management (BRM) percentages

Poker Quizzes A fully automated Poker Quizzes area has been added. The link will take you to a summary page with links to all of the quizzes

Schedule Additions Two Big Battle Freerolls have been added to the Surfers Poker Schedule, as well as a feeder event into The PokerStars Sunday Million. Details on the first Big Battle can be found here :- Big Battle No.1

WCOOP League We are running a WCOOP League, to qualify for Event 1 of the forthcoming WCOOP. It is a 3-part contest and has been linked into to DrJustice's/ipoker's crew

Poker After Dark Surfers Poker is running a "Poker After Dark" event over the next 6 weeks or so, with $200 in prizes

Suduko Suduko also added for you numbers people

Games Area A games area has been added to Surfers Poker for a little light entertainment between poker tourneys

Buy-a-share Buy-a-share area added for good members looking for tournament backing.

Team Event Sign up to the Surfers Poker Team event here.

WSOP Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Competition for Surfers Poker members.

WSOP 2007 Winners Track the winners from this years WSOP in Las Vegas.

WSOP 2007 Reports Contains reports on all 55 events.

WSOP Betting Summary A summary of what all Surfers Poker members have bet on

Self Control in Poker The importance of Self Control and Disciplin in Poker.

Shark Fin Points We have introduced a Player of the Month Competition. All details of this can be found in the 'Going Deep' forum.

WSOSP The World Series Of Surfers Poker starts on Saturday 26th May.

WSOP Freeroll for Surfers Poker Details of a restricted access freeroll on Titan. Available for members of Surfers Poker living outside of the USA.

FTOPS IV The 4th Full Tilt Series of Online Poker (FTOPS) is taking place in May.

FTOPS Winners The previous winners of the first 3 FTOPS on Full Tilt

What is position in poker A look into positional play in poker. The dynamics of it, and the benefits of it

Hot Deck Onliners Some of the greatest winning streaks in online poker, particularly in the major tournaments

Hide and Seek Full Tilt now have so many pros you can barely walk down the street without bumping into one. Find the last one on our Hide-and-Seek list and you win $55.

Poker Tournament Formats List and description of all the various poker tournament formats you may encounter

WSOP Satellites Information on satellites to the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas

Freeroll League Leaderboard The Leaderboard for Season 1 of the Surfers Poker freerolls

Easiest Bonuses to clear What are the best bonuses, and how easy are they to clear? Includes tips on how to clear them.

Playing Cash Tables An introduction into playing cash tables, including what is meant by the term 'big bet'

Tight v Loose Tight versus Loose and how it applies to long term profit rather than long term loss

M Comparison Chart Reduce the luck involved in online tournaments

WSOP Europe The World Series of Poker announces there will be a WSOP tournament series in Europe this year.

Andy Beal vs The Corporation The story of poker's biggest ever poker game with a consortium of 16 poker pros taking on banker Andy Beal

How to play Anaconda Anaconda is a poker variant where you pass cards

How to play Baseball Poker Baseball is an interesting Poker variation which involves the four bases of baseball, the 9 innings, and the 3 strikes

How to play Badugi Fancy a new game?, why not try trip-draw game Badugi

5-Card Draw How to play 5-Card Draw Poker

Pai Gow Poker How to play Pai Gow Poker

Poker Staking Surfers Poker has added a Poker Staking forum. So if you are looking to get staked to play in a tournament, this is a good place to start.

Chinese Poker The rules and gameplay of Chinese Poker, an interesting 13-card poker variant

Joseph Hachem Biography Biography of poker pro Joseph Hachem, from humble beginnings to a man with 10 million dollars in poker winnings under his belt.

FTOPS 2007 Results The results so far on the Full Tilt Online Poker Series.

FTOPS Schedule The full schedule of the tournaments in the series is listed here. They have numerous qualifying tournaments to each of the events if you do not wish to buy in directly.

Payment Methods Detailed Thread on the various payment methods that poker sites accept, and a look at some of the new payment processors which have emerged as frontrunners since Netteller came out of the US market.

Ladbrokes Poker Details Ladbrokes Poker details for European players.

Bonus Code Comparisons A table comparing the best bonus codes

PokerSite Comparisons A table comparing Poker Sites at a glance

Tony G Interview Interview with Tony G following his Singapore BAPT win, where he donated half of the winnings to charity

Party Poker Update Party Poker finding its feet again by getting the Sunday tourney up to $300K

Tony G Poker Details An introduction to poker site Tony G Poker

Daniel Negreanu's Poker Wins Table of Negreanu's biggest wins up to January 2007

Double Pneumonia Poker Good if you're looking for a new poker home game to play

Tournament Tips from Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu

The WPT Schedule so you can get an idea of the movements of the pros throughout the year

Stud Strategy If you are looking to improve your Stud game this is a good place to start

How aggressive to play Tournament poker requires a lot of agression, but how much? This will point you in the right direction.

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