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WSOP Europe (WSOPE) 2009

Event 1
Fri, Sep 18th 12:00 PM
No-Limit Holdem (4-day event)
1,000 + 75

Event 2
Mon, Sep 21st 12:00 PM
PL Holdem/PL Omaha (3-day event)
2,500 + 150

Event 3
Wed, Sep 23rd 12:00 PM
Pot Limit Omaha (3-day event)
5,000 + 250

Main Event
Sat, Sep 26th 12:00 PM
NL Holdem (6-day event)
10,000 + 350

In 2009 around the time of the event, 10,000 is the equivalent to US$16,217

WSOP Europe (WSOPE) 2008

Event 1 - 19th Sept 2008 - 1500 NL Holdem (3 day event)
Event 2 - 22nd Sept 2008 - 2500 HORSE (3 day event)
Event 3 - 24th Sept 2008 - 5000 PL Omaha (3 day event)
Event 4 - 27th Sept 2008 - 10,000 NL Holdem Main Event (5 day event)

NB1 - Buy-ins are in pounds sterling. 1500 = $3000 approx
NB2 - There are 2 streams for Event 1 - Day 1A and 1B

Same as last year, the main location for the events will be The Casino at the Empire, on Leicester Square (London, UK). With other locations also used to accomodate higher fields sizes.

WSOP Europe (WSOPE) 2007

The World Series of Poker have announced they will expand into Europe this September, with several events hosted across three separate London Casinos, including the Leicester Square Casino which opens in April (called 'The Empire').

This is the first time that the treasured WSOP champions' bracelets will ever be awarded outside of Las Vegas.

The WSOP Europe tournament series will span 11 days and will start of the 6th of September 2007.

1) From 6th Sept to 8th Sept there will be a 2500 (about $5000) buy-in HORSE event

2) On the 8th of September there will be a 5000 (about $10,000) buy-in Pot-Limit Omaha competition. This will be a 2-day event

3) On the 10th of September the WSOP Europe Main Event will take place. It will be a NL Holdem event with a 10,000 (US $20,000) buy-in. It will last 5-days.

The main event will take place at several casinos including the Sportsman and Fifty casinos in addition to Leicester Square.

Play will take place at all three sites simultaneously until September 13th, when the survivors will all gather at The Leicester Square Casino. This event will finish on September 16th.

The WSOPE is already gearing up to be a very exciting event, as many of the biggest name pros in the world have already confirmed they will be coming to London for the events.

With only 3 events in the WSOPE it means that all 3 are guaranteed to be absolutely packed with poker pros, with all the big names likely to play all three.

All the top hotels are gearing up, and London is already starting to buzz with WSOP fever. I look forward to seeing the numbers for all the events especically the WSOPE Main Event as the buy-in (being the equilvalent of 20K in US dollars) is going to make it quite possibly one of the biggest prize pools in poker tournament history.

Good Luck to all who try to play qualifiers or satellites to get in. Or if you are feeling extravagent, who buy-in directly!

Now Updating this with the WSOPE 2007 Results :-

Event 1 - HORSE

1 70,875 Thomas Bihl
2 40,688 Jennifer Harman
3 26,250 Kirk Morrison

Event 2 - PLO

1 234,390 Dario Alioto
2 137,280 Istvan Novak
3 94,380 Tony G

Event 3 - NL Holdem

1 1,000,000 Annette Obrestad
2 570,150 John Tabatabai
3 381,910 Matthew McCullough

For a full report on the WSOPE see :- WSOPE Report

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