Freddie Deeb Biography

Real Name: Kassem Deeb
Knick Name: Freddy or Fast Freddy
Birth Place: Beirut, Lebanon
Date of Birth: November 27th, 1955
Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada
Family: Married with four children

Freddy left Beirut in 1974 to attend State University in Logan, Utah. He was well on his way to attaining a degree in Mechanical Engineering when civil unrest broke out in Lebanon in 1975. Up to this point Freddy was receiving financial support from his family and had intended to return to Beirut upon graduation. He ended up losing contact with home for three years. Because of visa issues getting a job was almost out of the question. Just 12 credits short of his degree, Freddy found gambling as a way to earn some income.

Naturally talkative, Freddy used this to his benefit at the poker tables. He was not an overnight poker sensation, but when your lively hood depends on you being proficient at your job, slow and steady can and did win the race.

Freddy is better known for his cash game expertise, but he has had some success in the professional tournament poker circuits.

1996 WSOP bracelet in Deuce to seven draw
2007 WSOP bracelet in H.O.R.S.E 50k Championship
2005 WPT Aruba Classic Winner

Best Finishes in the WSOP Main Event:
1995 17th
2003 13th (Became a poker household name, when Phil Ivey upon losing a pot to Freddy, "Must be the shirt")

24 total cashes at the WSOP, including 14 final tables

His total earnings at tournament play exceed $5,000,000

Authors Liberty:
Have always liked watching Freddy play on TV and have noticed he has spats with dealers and players from time to time. It is apparent this comes from his early years where the money made from poker was a necessity and mistakes could not be tolerated.

In researching it was found, almost all players and fans genuinely like Freddy. He is very talkative and has a great sense of humor. I was surprised to find a small contingent of bloggers who vehemently feel he is a donkey. Tough to agree with that after his HORSE championship.