Jennifer Harman Biography

Jennifer Harman Traniello was born on the 29th November 1964 in Reno, Nevada. She is as you all know, a professional poker player, and has been quoted as "The best female player in the world" by many a commentator, although Daniel Negreanu takes the praise past the female poker world and as a friend and fellow high stakes player quoted Jennifer as "One of the best all round players in the world. Period." She started playing poker at the age of 8, when after playing for hours and being a few hundred $ down her father would sit her in his home game to get him even and as Jennifer says herself "I did get him even most of the time".

As she grew up, Jennifer did many different part time jobs including cocktail waitressing, but having been a "winning" player since the age of 8, poker seemed the only option for her to take. At the age of 21, in 1985 she officially turned professional and poker has been her main source of income supporting her for the last 23 years. In this time, Jennifer has climbed up the pyramid from playing $10-$20 and $20-$40 to playing up to $100,000-$200,000 limits, Fixed Hold'em being her favourite choice game. She is recognized as the only woman to regularly play in the "Big Game" alongside Doyle Brunson, Negreanu and many other of the top poker players in the world. She is regularly found playing $3000-$6000 Limit Hold'em in Vegas Casinos, and if not on the felt, she will be playing high limits Hold'em on the poker site she is affiliated with Full Tilt Poker, one of the biggest and most successful sites in the world. As a demonstration of how talented Harman really is as far as Limit Hold'em is concerned, she wrote the whole of the Limit Hold'em Article in Doyle Brunson's bestselling book Super System 2.

In her poker playing career of over 20 years, Jennifer has to date only been close to going broke once. This was in 1993 and she said that issues in her personal life lead her to lose concentration at the table. She borrowed $50,000 from a friend, to insure that she would be able to sit at $50-$100 comfortably and transformed herself into a solid winning player again, and 15 years later she has never looked back, going on to win to date, 2 WSOP bracelets in $5,000 2-7 lowball and in $5,000 Limit Hold'em. They came in the years 2000, and 2002 respectively. She also has a WPT title to her name. Jennifer has amassed a career total of 40 cashes, including 7 FTs with tournament winnings that exceed $1.8 million dollars, and this is without the money she makes in cash games everyday being included! Known mostly as a cash game player, in the last ten years Harman has showed the world she is as good as any at tournament play, and with the help of best friend Negreanu she can surely only get better. In a good year, Harman says that she will earn very close to $1 million.

Harman however does also have a life away from poker. She is married to Marco Traniello and they have two children, twin boys. He has, since meeting her taken up poker as a profession also. Before meeting him however, she dated fellow players Howard Lederer and Todd Brunson. Although, it has not always been a smooth ride for the WSOP champion. In 2004, she was forced to take a year out of poker to have what was then her second kidney transplant. Her family generally has suffered with kidney disease, and her mother had the same problems. On recovering, Jennifer was inspired to found an organization called Creating Organ Donor Awareness. It is a nonprofit organization and is dedicated to opening people's eyes at the need for organ donors, and also collects money to help people in need of transplants. Since coming back from the surgery she came 4th in a WPT event and 2nd in a WSOP circuit event, showing that nothing can get her down.

Standing at just 5 ft 2" and weighing less than 100 pounds, she doesn't seem intimidating, but Jennifer Harman has left many people with nothing left in front of them but felt where there chip stack had been. Not to be underestimated, female or not, she is one of the game's greatest players and no one can deny that fact.