Noah Boeken Biography

boeken-picNoah Boeken was born was 6 January 1981 in Amsterdam. The Dutch Young player is well known over the whole world, but how did he do this, how did he manage to get so far?

According to Noah Boeken one of the elements that makes him so good as he is now, is the game Magic the Gathering. Magic the Gathering is a strategy game, where the 2 or more players fight each other with a deck of cards, full of beasts and spells. Concentration is an important element of the game, and that helped him with poker. he was one of the best Magic players around the world with the following results:
- In the Pro Tour Chicago he finished 15th
- In the Pro Tour Maiz he finished 32nd
- In the European Championship he finished 1st, and won $11.
500. - $20,000 in Japan during a team tournament.

As a child he travelled all around the world playing, magic the gathering. He met a lot of people. Poker players were among them, and so he got in touch with poker. In 2001 he decided to focus on playing poker because there was more money to earn.

The First steps of his career
He started right away playing poker online, he did pretty good in weekly tournaments.
According to Noah boeken he had a really good mentor, called Marcel Luske. He met him when visiting casino's playing poker. Marcel Luske and Noah Boeken are still good friends, and Marcel Luske is even now still his mentor. Marcel Luske and Noah Boeken are defined as the best poker players of the Netherlands.

Moving to bigger tournaments.
As his career progresses, he started playing bigger tournaments. After making it to a final table in October 2004 ( EPT), he managed to win the EPT Copenhagen in 2005 taking home $150.000. He ended up heads up against Ram Vaswani with 3-to-1 chip lead. He was on the day before the final table on the same table as Ram Vaswani, Noah Boeken was extremely tight an used this image in the heads up. The final hand was Ram limping in on the small blind, Noah raised with 90.000, Ram Vaswani pushed with AJ, Noah Boeken insta-called. The flop of J-10-2 gave him the lead, but then the king came giving him the nuts straight.
In this period he also won a 200 dollar tournament on Pokerstars with over 4300 entrants, earning him 127.000 dollar. The account he was using was El Capitano, Marcel Luske's account.

More Achievements
Noah Boeken cashed in 35 tournaments so far, his best achievements are listed below:
- Cashing 5 EPT events.( 2 final tables) for:$274,940
- Winning The EPT Copenhagen(2005) for $150,000 dollar.
- Cashing 5 WSOP events for $49,261
- 1st place British Poker Open GBP 50,000
- 12th place Barcelona EUR 25,400
- 4th In main event of Master Classics Amsterdam

His estimated bankroll was in the end of 2007: $550.000. All this and his active poker online made him join Team Pokerstars. He also made a television programme called Poker King NL, Noah Boeken and Marcel Luske made this program where they show the life of a Pokerstar.
Noah and Marcel played the poker

His Career Now
Besides that he is a team poker player, he also runs the Dutch variant of Pokernews. Noah Boeken and his team, make a lot of coverage's of live events. you can find Boeken a lot on Pokerstars ( as Exclusive )playing cash games, he normally plays the $50-100$ limit table. His highest limits so far was a 300-600$ limit table. The success of his cash games according to him, is to cash a lot. He starts low, builds up a bankroll and cashes a high percent of his winnings. Then he starts over again.

Noah Boeken is active on Pokerstars as "Exclusive", Party poker a "Doekoe" and on Ultimate bet as "Who is next". He's playing these days a lot of event, not only the EPT but the WSOP as well, where he's hunting for his first bracelet.

Noah Boeken is still young and has a lot of goals, one of his main goals is winning a WSOP event. He still wants to improve his play and cash more events.But he doesn't want to play poker all his life, this because he thinks poker is an unstable sport. Rules and regulations change a lot ( especially In the USA) and people might lose interest in poker. He will always look out for alternatives, from Magic he moved to poker and from poker he moves to...? whatever the future brings.