Phil Laak Biography

laak-pic Introduction
Phil Laak, was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1972. Phil Laak A.K.A Unabomber, is a well known poker player around the world. His appearance got Phil Laak his nick name( Gus Hansen gave him his that nickname). He graduated at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) with a degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as an engineer until he became a pro In 2003. Phil Laak's girlfriend is the actress Jennifer Tilly, one of the best woman around in poker. she won a WSOP ladies only bracelet. Phil and Antonio Esfandiari friends since there youth, are now making a program called "I Bet You".

His Career.
Phil laak started playing in 1999, not as a pro but as a starting rooky. In 2003 he started playing more frequently, playing some WSOP events. he finished sixth in the WPT Legends of Poker event in 2003 and he won the World poker tour Celebrity Invitational in 2004. these winnings put him on the map. His best result so far is the WSOP even pot limit hold'em 2005, he got second after a heads up with Johhny Chan. His total career winnings are $1,273,190. Besides tournamets he is pretty active in cash games. He regularly plays the highest no limit tables in the Commerce Casino in los angels.

Phil's Style.
Phil laak didn't become famous because of his poker only. He has a crazy style. He pulls the string of his sweater so no one can have a read or a tell. His sunglasses make this picture complete If he makes a great call or wins a pot, he does all sort of stuff like dancing, singing etcetera...

The future?
Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari, friends since they were young, decided to make a program called "I Bet You". Phil and Antonio make all sorts of bets. Who's got the best sperm, who is a better model? Right now they are making season 2 after the success of season 1. besides this he will be playing poker, hunting for more money, and his first bracelet!