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There are many online poker sites. Literally hundreds of new ones have come and gone over the last 2 decades, but now in 2021 we have reached a point of higher trust and reliability.

Back in 2003 a boom in internet poker started. Chris Moneymaker, an amateur poker player, had just won $2.5 million in the WSOP Main Event. The available technology and access levels to the internet had been rising for years, and the time was right for the online poker boom. Sadly with rapid expansion, a grey area in legality, and lack of regulation, it meant that some rogue operators also entered the market, or at the very least, rogue practices.

Some sites, like Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Poker, Lock Poker and others ran into controversial issues. And in the US, the regulators finally caught up with the "grey-area" legality and started to legislate. By late 2006 the online poker boom past it's peak with quite a few big operators pulling out of the US market. Some remained though, trying to live in the narrowing grey area. The boom really ended in April 2011 though, when an event known as Black Friday, saw the full force of that law cause the immediate shutdown of Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker in the US market.

Following this many countries started to regulate, and operators increasingly needed a license to operate an online poker site in each specific country. Some, who were used to a vast unregulated maket, mourned the glory years. But what has followed is far more trust and reliabilty in online poker.

This brings me neatly to a couple of recommendations, both of these are Stock Exchange listed companies, with a high degree of reliability:

Party Poker was one of the biggest online poker sites at the start, and it has lasted throughout until this day, with good software, and has stayed strictly on the right side of the law. It is now fully licensed in many countries. And it is only available where it is licensed.

Party Poker is certainly one of the best sites to play at. The interface is extremely professional with lots of great added features. There is a wide selection of tournaments, including a $300K guaranteed tournament on Sundays. With a small deposit of only £10, they offer a bonus of £40 of tournament tickets. A great way to get started.

888 Poker is another relaible online poker site. The cashouts come through with no problems. For larger cashouts you will need to provide ID. There are plenty of poor players at the lower stakes. From what I see they mainly have 6-max tables (6-seater tables). The bonus is very nice, with £20 for free, and 100% of your deposit amount up to £300.