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» Double Pneumonia
Double Pneumonia

Looking for a slightly different game of Poker to play. Why not try Double Pneumonia? Here are the rules :-

1) Each player is first dealt five cards face down. This is followed by a round of bets

2) Then two flops are dealt three face up cards in two rows going across.
This is followed by a betting round.

3) A turn card is dealt next to each flop in each row.
This is followed by another betting round

4) Finally a river card is dealt in each row.
Again followed by a betting round

Players make their best high hand and best low hand using two cards from their hand and three cards from the board -- as in Omaha8 the only difference being that they have five instead of four hole cards and two boards to work with. The best high hand in either row wins high. The best low hand in either row wins low if it is an 8 low or better.

For example, three players hold the following hands:

John: 5h 7h Qd 6h Kd
Jim: 5c 8h 2d Ks 4h
Joe: 3h Jc As Td 6s

The boards are:

3s Ac 5s 8s Qc
9d 7s 4d 7c 8d

John's best high hand is a King high flush, made by using his Kd and Qd with the bottom row's 4d 8d and 9d.

John's best low hand is a 7653A made on the top row by using his 7h and 6h in conjunction with the top row's Ac3c and 5s.

Jim's best high hand and best low hand is the wheel A2345, made on the top row using his 2d and 4h with the board's Ac3c and 5s.

Joe's best high hand is a Jack high straight made on the bottom row, using his Jc and Td with the board's 9d, 8d, and one of the sevens. His best low hand is an 86 low made with his 3h and 6s with the top row's Ac, 5s and 8s.

In this sample contest John would win high with his flush while Jim would win low with his wheel.

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