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Easiest Bonuses to Clear

Poker Stars :-

Poker Stars is one of the easiest bonuses to clear if you go about things in the right way.

With Stars you have to earn 10 FPPs (Frequent Player Points) to clear each $1 of bonus.

I think the best way to do this is via tourneys.

5 FPPs are awarded for each $1 in tourney fees paid.

Example 1 :-

With a deposit of say $75, you will get a bonus of 100% (NB see Bonuscode Comparisons).

So to get your $75 "free" bonus you will need to accumulate 750 FPPs

So if we play $11 single table tourneys, we would clear our bonus in 150 tourneys.

So basically you could afford to average a return of 10.5 (ie a loss), and still clear the bonus and be in overall profit.

A reasonably player could maybe expect an ROI of 10%, which would mean after 150 tourneys your figures would look like this :-

Tourney Profit = $150
Bonus Clearance Profit = $75
Total Profit = $225
Amount in account = $300

Example 2 :-

A good player could reasonable expect a higher ROI than above and obviously a higher overall profit.

Lets say he/she knows he is pretty good at SNG's and historically can achieve say 30% ROI at the $22's

Well, Lets say they deposit $400 for example:-

FPPs Needed = 4000
SNGs to play (at $22 level) = 400 (say 5 a day for a couple of months)
Profit through playing = $2,400
Profit thought bonus clearance = $400
Total profit = $2,800
Amount in account = $ 3,200

Bonus clearance is a question of planning and understanding. You see the flashing lights of free money, but you need to be realistic about how you are going to clear that free money. No bonus is every going to be cleared in a couple of days, as the sites obviously want people to be playing poker and keeping their tables busy. You are, to an extent, going to have to earn you bonus. So sit down with a pen and paper and think what you can realistically play a day. (eg how much free time have you got, and how many tables are you good at playing at once).

Plan out your bonus clearance, dont rush it. If you have a good approach like this you will be succesful in bonus clearing.

Good Luck & Have fun in the process

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