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Hot Deck Onliners is a page deticated to the greatest winnings streaks in major online tournaments.

1) DuckU (Greg Hobson)

Won back-to-back Full Tilt Sunday Mulligans. He won the $535 buy-in on Sunday 15 Apr 2007 (for $152,348) and the $216 buy-in on Sunday 22nd Apr 2007 (for $85,855)

2) eoorrrr (Eskimo Clark)

Finished 2nd in PartyPokers $500K on 22nd Apr 2006 (for $107,000) then won the Sunday Mil on PartyPoker the very next day (for $112,440)

3) Dr_Zoidberg2 (Matt Goldman)

Won the Party Poker $250K guaranteed tourney in consequtive weeks in 2005, for $73,000 and $77,000.

4) kingfisher

Won the Paradise Poker $100K on consecutive weekends

5) tacoroy

Won the Party Poker Friday Special and The Sunday Million in the same weekend

6) I_Feel_Fine

On the 30th March 2006, on Party Poker, he cashed in 9 out of 10 consequtive tournaments on the same day, including 5 final tables (a 2nd, two 3rds, a 4th, and a 5th)

7) hoodini10 (Joe Udine)

3 days of the trot on Pokerstars...

On the 9th December 2006, won the $100 rebuy, for $20,910
On the 10th December 2006, won the $100 rebuy for $19,770
On the 11th December 2006, won the $100 rebuy for $36,400

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