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Stud Strategy

Starting Hands :-

Trips rolled up (ie 3 of a kind at 3rd street)

Obviously this is a premium hand, but debate always reigns whether these should be slowplayed or not. Some advocate it, some dont. Essentially if it is a low level game, full of loose players (alot of low level online games fall into this category) then bet out. ie bet and/or raise every street unless you see signs of trouble in opponents upcards, or unless they start to cap the betting. The whole debate surrounds maximising your pay-off with this premium hand. If it is an ultra-tight, conservative, well-informed table and your image is of a 'premium hand' player then you may wish to "drop you shoulder" on 3rd and possibly 4th street, and then come out betting representing a hit pair.


Low pairs really arent that great. Generally I'd stick to Tens or higher, unless you're getting-in & staying-in for very cheap. Ideally having a high kicker is optimum, in order to give you a chance of hitting that as well.

Lets look at some hands

1) T,T,K - with No Tens or Kings showing as opponents doorcards (doorcard = 3rd street)

2) 7,7,J - with a 7 and a Jack showing as opponents doorcards

I hope I dont need to labor the fact that Hand 1 is vastly superior to hand 2.

3 to a flush

You simply must play these slow whilst they are still draws. You want as many people to play as possible, in order to give you the odds for a good payoff if you hit. Keep the opponents in by not going too heavy. Be consious of your kicker (ace would be nice) and be consious of how many other cards of the suit have been played.

Lets look at some hands

1) 4,8,9 All hearts. 2 hearts showing at 3rd street.

2) 7,3,A All clubs. No clubs showing at 4th street.

If a heart doesnt come on 4th street with hand 1, then get rid. With hand 2, due to kicker, and lack of any dead clubs, then staying in to 5th is more acceptable.

Remember two things :- Kickers and Upcards

Three to a straight

Stick to open straight draws rather than inside straight draws

High straight draws only should also be your general criteria. Even if the straight doesnt come you want good high pairing possibilities.

Lets look at some hands :-

1) JTQ

2) 235

3) 678

Dont really even consider hands 2 and 3. Look for paint (ie a face card) and look for open ended. In this scenario you also want to look for situations where as many cards as possible out of 9,T,J,Q,K have not been dealt already.

Control the capping

Try to avoid too many cap-happy maniac situations with multiple players going at it. Make sure you have the goods if you stay in the hand as these situations get messy quickly and can be many player's downfall. Jump ship early rather than late.

Good Luck. Stud requires alot of observation and patience. It isnt really a game where you should play without given it your full focus. There is much more information to absorb than some other games, so pay full attention.

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