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Tournament Analysis

Welcome to the Tournament Analysis Summary. The tournaments below were played by Surfers Poker members. Their full hand histories have been made available for educational and discussion purposes. The most recent are at the top.

For full zipped attachments of the histories, see this thread

Tourney 8 - $55 NLHE by DrJustice - 332 hands (cashed)

DrJustice Hand History
Comments on tourney

Tourney 7 - $215 WCOOP NLHE 4-max by TomPerez (cashed)

TomPerez Part 1
TomPerez Part 2
TomPerez Part 3
TomPerez Part 4
Comments on tourney

Tourney 6 - by Rockster (won the tournament)

Rockster Tournament
Comments on tourney

Tourney 5 - $5.50 18-seater by Dutchmart (won the tournament)

Dutchmart Tourney

Tourney 4 - $1.10 NL Holdem by ThomasHardy. 72 Hands long (did not cash)

ThomasHardy Tournament Hand History
Thomas Comments

Tourney 3 -$8.80 NL Holdem by Ouchbadbeat. 67 Hands long (did not cash)

Ouchbadbeat Tournament Hand History
Ouch Comments

Tourney 2 - $5.50 NL Holdem by xxPOGOxx. 131 Hands long.

xxPOGOxx Tournament Hand History
Pogo comments

Tourney 1 - $5.50 NL Holdem by Paula1966. 77 Hands long (did not cash)

Paula Tournament Hand History
Paula Comments

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