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WSOP Freeroll for Surfers Poker Members

I have got hold of some tickets for a very juicy WSOP satellite. It is a freeroll with only a very small field size. Could be as small as 40 odd people. But the max is 150, so even that is small.

It is on Sunday May 20th at 20:00 GMT

The winner of this freeroll will get an entry into a WSOP main feeder (taking place the week after). To buy into that event would normally cost $375, so it is a great prize for a small freeroll.

The winner of that feeder gets a $14,000 WSOP package, including Main Event entry, hotel, flights, and accommodation.

To get a ticket you need to first sign-up with Titan using the bonus code 'surferspkr'. Then after 24 hours have elapsed you will be given a ticket to the freeroll. So make sure you sign up early, as if you sign up to Titan on the day itself you wont be able to register.

Here is the link to Titan, which will also get you a 100% deposit bonus :-

Titan Poker 100% Deposit Bonus. Remember make sure you also state 'surferspkr' as the bonuscode when promoted as this is a restricted access freeroll and you wont get a ticket without entering that bonuscode.

Good Luck, and if you make it to Vegas for the main event, I expect a full report on the gossip

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